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    IT'S TIME TO ENLIST IN POKEN ARMY! ONE COMMUNITY, MANY MANY POKENS! What is Poken Army? Nothing more than the center of PokenMania! Spread from sea to shining sea, we are a group of individuals w... 

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     People rockin' the poken lifestyle.

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    The I Wear Your Shirt guys (iwearyourshirt.com) do a bang up job representing the always personable Poken Girl.  These guys are out of hilarious!  And, that is one heckuva great shirt...

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    Merce Death played at poken night! I put a poken on a head of my guitar. And I did "HIGH4!" with audience! It's a POKEN ROLL!  

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    An explanation of what is a Poken, the new Dynamic Electronic Business Card. Learn more from my blog http://bit.ly/WhatsAPoken Explained by people in the Raleigh area at networking events, video b...  

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    "Eyewitness:  'He was standing behind that building and I quickly grabbed my camera and started filming...and there was music coming out of it, and as soon is the beat came in, some of the windows blew out.'"

    Brought to you by DJ R-CANE.  Love the song?  Click here to hear it all.

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    Poken Dealer from ifranz on Vimeo.

    pssst!... got a poken...?

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    Poken ist kinderleicht! Einfach Poken an Poken halten, dann werden über die patentierte RF-basierte Technik deine Kontaktdaten ausgetauscht. Inklusive all deiner Social Networks - abhängig von dein... 

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    Deck image http://www.youtube.com/user/PokenTV#p/a

    Don't be afraid to go out in the forest at night.  Unless you are a Poken.  Scary things await you.  Fear not though, help is on its way, and perhaps a little romance.  Witness the creativity of the Find a Poken team!

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    Poken Army hits Louisville! We strike (connect) again! Its Time to Enlist in Poken Army! The music was created by Poken Army member, PFC Bill Storms (PFC- Pokens Finests Connector!). It is Killer!

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    Created by the Filmmuseum in the Hague, Netherlands. Yay!

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    Little poken rocks out to little man with big skills on a guitar (ie Angus).  Rock on!

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    Through the eyes of a Poken. from Jeff Simons on Vimeo.

    A day in the life of a poken.  Love it.  Props to Jeff Simons.


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