how does it work?

Meeting new people has never been this fun and easy.

When two Pokens touch, they glow. That means you've just exchanged your contact details and social networking information with another person, sharing a rich snap shop of who you are.

Poken all the people you like and later, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect your Poken to a USB port in your computer.
  2. Go to and quickly login or create an account at the pokenHUB.
  3. Sync your Poken and decide the information you want to share. No drivers or softwares to install.

Poken creates a common platform for managing and engaging with your contacts. We will simply tie into all your social networking accounts and make it easier for you to connect with new people, by letting you immediately exchange all the contact details and social profiles you decide to share.

Learn more about pokenSPARK and pokenPULSE.

It's really simple to learn more about the things that interest you.

Just like when you poken someone you've met, when you poken a tag, your Poken glows. That means you've just collected a digital object that can be an MS Office document, a website address, a discount coupon, a PDF, an audio file or even a video.

Once you synced your Poken at the pokenHUB, you can start exploring the people, places and things you've collected. All this information is organized on a timeline that shows you who, what and when you collected someone or something you liked.

Learn more about pokenTAGS and the pokenHUB.

Interact with the world in real-time.

By simply installing the Poken App on your mobile, you can start exchanging your social business card with other people. If you have an NFC enabled smartphone, you can also collect places and things with a simple touch, and begin to explore all this information in real-time on your phone screen.

You can instantly gather, organize and share with your friends everything you like in the real world, just like you do it online. This will change the way you interact with everything around you.

Learn more about pokenMOBILE.

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