Collect people and things with a touch

Poken's Event App doesn't need to be downloaded from any app store!


May visitors forget their iTunes, Google Play, or Market password. Don't limit your event's effectiveness - everyone can use the Poken Event App.

Once the participant has loaded the app by clicking a link in an email he receives, or scanning a QR code at the event:

You don't need network coverage to use the app and browse event content

You can review everything you've collected

You can take notes, pick conference sessions to attend, etc. 



Packed with all the standard Event Features you'd expect



Event Content Diplay Done the Right Way!

Use any scanning app to collect these codes, and compare with Poken
(try NeoReader, Optiscan,, Scandit, etc.)

Generic code
you can find anywhere

FREE pokenTAG code
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Poken vs other apps


Everything you collect with Poken is saved in your phone in a mobile-friendly way.
You can review it offline on your phone (like when you're sitting in the subway or on a plane) or on your computer.

See how many other people collected what you've come across, check out what your friends are collecting. Take notes, flag things as favorite, see them on a map or share with friends.
Stay notified when something you collected has been updated since.




Access All Your Event Content Across Your Devices

Boost your event with a digital event community platform that keeps your visitors engaged



Contact our Event Team today to discuss your event app needs.


Watch Poken in action

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