Java - Installation & Other Issues

Using the Java Applet

The pokenEVENT Java Applet feature allows you to create objects through which you can share with your attendees the desired information. You can create the objects by uploading a file containing the Name, Description, URL’s, etc for all the objects you want to share within your event.


 To test your install go to:


If it's NOT working...then download and install the new Java Plugin. Follow the instructions on how to do this for your Browser.





Enable Java in your Browser

In order to enable Java in your browser you need to turn on the Java Extension. Please read about it below:

Instructions for Google Chrome:   Select Chrome > Preferences.  From the Preferences panel select “Under the Hood” and from the Privacy section select “Content Settings”.


Find the Plug-ins section and select the link for “Disable Individual Plug-ins”.

Finally, click the Enable link to turn on the Java Plug-in.

Using an NFC Reader

If you want to use the Java Applet with an NFC Reader in the Partner Hub.  You will also need to download the latest driver.  For both the SCM SCL010 and SCL3711 you can use the following generic driver. 

To download the latest SCM Driver for WINDOWS go to:

See website for more details.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that on Mac OS X (Lion) you will need to use the older version to avoid any problems.  The newer driver does not work consistently.

To download the older SCM Driver for MAC OS X Lion go to: