getting started

how to activate your poken

Step 1
Pull out the hand
Step 2
Remove the battery separator tab
Step 3
Your Poken will be ready when the red light is blinking
Step 4
Attach the strap to make sure your Poken is always with you

becoming a pokenite

Step 5
Hold one poken in front of another so they can say hi to each other
Step 6
Touch the hands for 2-3 seconds
Step 7
Green light? hurray! the profile exchange was successfull
Step 8
Red light? don't worry it wasn't your fault. just try it again


go social in style!
go poken!

Step 9
Pull the hand out of the cap
Step 10
Insert the device into the USB port of your computer
Step 11
Your poken shows up as an external harddrive. Double click on the START.HTM file and go create your profile.