pokenTAG: collect digital media in the real world.

Rediscover the world around you.

Behind every place and object, there is a rich layer of stories and information to be discovered. Normally, you have to hunt for this information yourself if you want to explore further whatever interests you.

Poken believes that collecting what you value in the real world should be as easy as it is online. That's why we created the pokenTAG, an unique device that enables you to collect digital information offline with a simple touch.

How it works.

A pokenTAG is an electronic sticker that can store digital documents and multimedia files. It enables you to get more details about places and things, at the time your interest sparks. All you need is a Poken device, such as a pokenSPARK and a pokenPULSE, or the Poken App installed on your NFC-enabled smartphone. To collect information, you simply touch the pokenTAG with your phone or your Poken device. That's it.

After you created your account at the pokenHUB, the website that aggregates everything you pokened, you can start exploring all the files you collected.

pokenTAG can transform anything around you into a rich source of information and it is starting a green revolution at corporate events by eliminating paper waste.


Where to find pokenTAGS.

  • Events: Events organizers are substituting leaflets for pokenTAGS. This way, there are providing the participants with richer content material that they can collect with their Pokens and, at the same time, avoiding the excessive waste of paper that normally happens in events.
  • Shops: You may find a pokenTAG at your local coffee shop. By pokening it, you may accumulate points on their loyalty program, that can be later exchanged for products. Or you may poken a product at the shop to get more information about it.
  • Posters: You may come across smart posters with a pokenTAG promoting the concert of your favorite singer. If you poken it, you may get all the details about the event, exclusive videos promoting the tour and even a discount to purchase your ticket.


A green revolution for events.

pokenTAG is transforming everything around you into rich sources of information and it is starting a green revolution at corporate events by eliminating paper waste.

Find out how pokenTAG can help you revolutionize the way your clients interact with your business and the overall experience at your corporate events.


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  • Tags can store any type of digital information
  • Types: 1-way and 2-way tags
  • One tag stores up to 2000 contacts
  • Each tag can be customized and linked to different digital objects
  • Make photos, offers, brochures, videos available for collection offline



There is a whole new world to be rediscovered with Poken. Get yours here.

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