Poken answers key need in the event industry with `Manage meetings` and `Matchmaking` features

Meet Steve Roberts. He enjoysmobile phone hand skiing, is a shameless coffee snob and works in the tech business. Each year Steve travels to events and conferences around the globe to discover the latest in industry trends and rub shoulders with the `right people`.


After the 12 hour flight home from his latest tech /lattè adventure, Steve steps through his front door and puts down his suitcase along with a heavy bag of brochures, before emptying his blazer pockets onto the kitchen counter. He removes his keys, cell and wallet, then a handful of tattered business cards. He shuffles each card and tries to put a face to the name in embossed print; without too much success. Slightly disappointed, Steve contemplates his experience. Did he get the most out of the event? He shook a lot of hands and gathered a lot of useful industry info, but did he generate the best leads to help him achieve his business and career goals? Or was it just an annual catch up with the industry regulars and a blown-out mini bar bill? Sure the event isn’t such a dent in Steve’s bottom line, but the cost of wasted opportunities certainly is.


Poken ”The Green Events Platform”, has developed a series of features that respond directly to Steve’s needs. As of June 10th, Poken will add to its ever growing toolbox for event managers, with the launch of a powerful `Manage Meetings` feature, enhanced by a clever match-making engine. This innovation facilitates interactions between buyers and exhibitors, and gives professionals further access to valuable leads. Event visitors will be able to search exhibitors, and have the option of sending meeting requests via the embeddable Event Web Portal that Poken provides to event organizers. Meeting suggestions are generated for both buyers and exhibitors, based on data collected as part of the attendee registration process. Meetings are posted on the personal calendars of both parties, ensuring efficient scheduling and optimizing attendee’s valuable time on site. Exhibitors and organizers can request meetings with visitors, and meeting times, dates, and locations, can be
edited to meet the dynamic needs of event professionals.

revised MM blog picEvent and Marketing coordinator Grant Morgan said: “The `Manage Meetings and Match-Making` features are an organic step for Poken as our core mission is centered upon providing networking opportunities, using digital services to streamline communication and gamifying the meeting experience.“  The new innovation compliments the Poken family of products and services as it reflects this effort.


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