Our Strategy for Adding Social Networks to Poken

Currently when someone adds a social network to their card we verify the account details are correct.
We do this using Facebook connect for Facebook and a site scraping solution for all the other social networks. The scraping is quite fragile as it can break when sites are updated (and often this updating is done for some users first so it breaks for some people first). We end up needing to fix the scraping logic each month on several of the 30 networks we support. By sticking to this verification for all networks has meant that for manageability reasons we’ve had to restrict the number of networks that we support.

On our new site (due out in a few weeks) we will have a new strategy:

  1. We will expand the networks supported, first to 50 and then to 100 and more.
  2. We will verify only networks which support Open Authentication (oAuth) which is a standard for connecting without scraping and without asking the user for his/her password. This also includes Facebook with Facebook connect.
  3. For sites which don’t support oAuth we’ll ask just for a user name or profile name.

Poken as Enabler and Platform for Creativity in Japan

One of love poken It has been a while since i started a series of trips around the world visiting our local Poken teams. I started in Tokyo in Japan, a very inspiring trip. It was very visible that poken as a device goes beyond and stimulates a lot of creativity. The poken above (One of Love) is an example, a charity poken initiated in Japan and spreading around the world now.

The smalles news stand was also born in Japan. A great invention of a highly creative talent using poken and Twitter. High four with your favourite news celeb or channel (like Obama, CNN etc.). Through the poken-card you will easily follow your newsfeed on Twitter.

Poken news kiosk 2

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Opening up the Poken Platform

I gave a talk at Rotterdam University last Thursday entitled “Opening up the Poken Platform” (twitter hash tag #pm010 http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23pm010)

After a great introduction from Jilles, our dutch affiliate, I talked for half an hour about:

* for 2008 poken was an R&D business, the first half of 2009 it was a bit crazy as we suddenly sold hundreds of thousands of pokens and started to put a proper business in place ready for the second half of 2009
* We are about to launch:

1) a hardware range including the conference poken and business poken
2) a new web site and web infrastructure based on APIs
3) a real-time product called the poken hub

The talk also included a long section about how when we open up the site via APIs we need to protect our users data with the right privacy and security (I’ll expand on this in a separate post)

Further info:

A page specifically for this meetup http://doyoupoken.ning.com/xn/detail/3426058:Event:1126?xg_source=activity

video (2 minutes long) introducing the poken hub http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwyxsyEXD70

video (3 minutes long) of the live demostration of the poken hub http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzxJnK_qzFU

A video interview done with marketing news straight after the presentation http://www.marketingfacts.nl/berichten/20090705_interview_dave_brown_cio_poken_sa/ (Note – Patrick Petersen asked me to keep my answers short so I felt really stressed! )