Sex Up Your Poken Card

Creativity + Poken = Awesome!

Some of you have been posting your custom poken cards online.  This is COOL!

My  favourite collection right now is called Festival Kids by a bunch of Japanese cool kids. They’ve created an entire series of classic, degital, analog, photo, and minimal designs to download. Yay!

The festival kids even created a Photo ID maker so you can easily add your photo to one of their amazing cards. Here is a taster…

poken card + social networking icons
poken card + social networking icons

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So what’s going on with the Poken product team? To bring everyone up to speed, Poken has been working on developing the next generation of our website using an entirely new web architecture with tools such as Liferay [CMS to manage content], PHP [web framework to build our new member hub]  and MooTools [JavaScript framework for interactive and visual experience].  Everyone on the Poken team is extremely busy coding a beta release of the brand new

The goal of the new site is to incorporate our new branding guidelines, visuals and create a site that matches the simplicity of the Poken device. Over the upcoming weeks, we will roll out some product demos for the Poken faithful to test and provide feedback on.   We have truly listened to our users over the last seven months and this will be reflected with improved usability and kick-ass features for the website.

Things to get excited about:

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