A Smarter Way of Doing Trade-Shows

Checking In at Supplier Booths, for Credit

Afflink uses Poken at its Preferred Buyer trade-shows to allow Buyers to track visits to Supplier booth, gaining credit for connecting with Exhibitors


  •  42% reduction in paper and energy consumption measured by the organizer
  •  61’000 digital business-card exchanges
  •  12’360 meetings scheduled and tracked using digital tags and pokens
  •  Green Metric: Afflink can boast being closer to its goal of running sustainable events

The client

Afflink is one of the biggest and most successful member-driven sales & marketing
organizations, linking Preferred Suppliers to the largest group of Distributors found anywhere in the marketplace. Through its tradeshows, Afflink connects its members according to their business objectives, Read More

World Trade Organization Saves 19 Trees, and Counting, using Poken

Starting with its flagship Public Forum event, the WTO is using Poken to boost networking opportunities amongst its members through targeted engagement, and is providing touch-based digital document collection and touch-based voting.

Collecting Conference Session Slide Decks


  • 160’000 pages of printed paper saved through digital collecting
  • 44’900 contact exchanges
  • Networking boosted across cultural and professional boundaries through targeted incentives powered by Poken’s gaming engine
  • 13’600 documents, reports, and votes cast “with a touch”, allowing instant metrics to help enhance event activities
  • Green Metric: 19 trees saved

The client

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization helping member states manage trade problems by implementing global rules that guarantee a smooth trade flow.

Over the past few years, the WTO established the WTO Public Forum as a major event Read More

Intel goes paperless, using Poken's NFC "touch" for voting and data exchange at events

Intel media distributed using poken’s NFC tags

Intel’s IMEC 2012 event was all about numbers: By going paperless using NFC tags and pokens,  Intel’s flyers and other documents were collected more than 62,000 times, and participants exchanged 28,000 business cards digitally – saving more than 8 trees (on average a tree generates 8,500 sheets of paper) and all the associated bleaching, printing, and transportation costs.   Visitors also submitted more than 10,500 votes in surveys set up for instant feedback, by touching 232 tags.

Intel’s use of NFC, in conjunction with Poken’s content management platform, started at Mobile World Congress 2012.

Touch and Glow to collect digital media

Android developers, who accounted for a large portion of the more than 50’000 visitors,  could collect content placed on tags, linking Intel’s various booths to other activities in Barcelona, such as Intel branded bus tours and life-sized Android characters circulating around the venue.

Held at the Anaheim Marriott from September 9-12, the Intel International Manufacturing Exellence Conference brought attendees from every country where Intel has manufacturing plants. Those attendees networked and attend top-secret seminars about Intel procedures and research.


Inside the seminar rooms, poster boards with five tags on each were set up, labled  “okay”, “good”, “very good”, “excellent” and “amazing”. Attendees were told to tap their Pokens on the star that best represented their opinion of the seminar. Attendees also voted via more than 70 Tags for their favorite exhibits.

The Tag voting system would yield more than 10,500 votes, far surpassing previous years’ totals of less than 1,000 votes, according to show organizers. Read More