5 things event organizers can learn from the World Cup

Preparation is everything
Brazil_and_Croatia_match_at_the_FIFA_World_Cup_2014-06-12_(53)It’s been a fun couple of weeks but before the world had succumbed to cup fever, the big story was how unprepared the host country had been. Even though Brazil was awarded the honor back in 2007, construction was still being performed on stadiums well after kick off, leading to the phrase “#The cup will not be held” trending all over Latin American social networks. (Just imagine that kind of pre-event social media attention). If Brazil had a plan, it is clear that it fell by the way side long ago and as so often happens with badly prepared projects, the solution was Read More

The conversations have changed

20140604_130349Eager attendees are arriving for another inspiring day at the `Making CSI Matter Conference`, Johannesburg . I am with the Poken team and we are putting the final touches on the big day, when the one thing that any event specialist works to avoid, happens.

Tim gets pulled aside by the Trialogue Event Manager and it is clear she wants to have a serious talk.

Wait a second…I think to myself, this isn’t normal. This kind of thing never Read More

Poken answers key need in the event industry with `Manage meetings` and `Matchmaking` features

Meet Steve Roberts. He enjoysmobile phone hand skiing, is a shameless coffee snob and works in the tech business. Each year Steve travels to events and conferences around the globe to discover the latest in industry trends and rub shoulders with the `right people`.


After the 12 hour flight home from his latest tech /lattè adventure, Steve steps through his front door and puts down his suitcase along with a heavy bag of brochures, before emptying his blazer pockets onto the kitchen counter. He removes his keys, cell and wallet, then a handful of tattered business cards. He shuffles each card and tries to Read More

Poken UK SPARKS partnership with ExCel London

poken uk escel centre people in a linePoken UK is working in conjunction with the International exhibition and convention centre ExCeL London to deliver a digital networking and touch to collect content sharing offering to live events at its venue. Poken UK have equipped the venue with its patented Near Field Communication (NFC) devices, enabling Read More