A Crunchie Award – Yes Please

Nominate Poken for a Crunchie Award! Ever heard of the Crunchies award? It’s ‘the Oscar for the technology world’, to cite the organizers. It is an annual competition and award ceremony co-hosted by TechCrunch, GigaOm and VentureBeat.

The Crunchies recognize the most promising and compelling internet and technology innovations and start-ups, and 2009 will mark their 3rd annual competition. Former winners include companies and gadgets such as netvibes, FriendFeed, Facebook and the iPhone. Get some more inside scoop here.

Needless to say, being nominated would already be a big honour for us. This is where we reach out to you, our amazing fans and supporters. If you think we deserve a nomination, click on the banner below and vote for poken as the Best New Gadget!!!

Thank you and high-four!

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