AMEX Supplier Trade Show Saves 135 trees, With a Touch

Exhibitor Quotes:  “This is amazing. It’s the fist trade-show where [as an exhibitor] I was asked to simplify my preparation work and save costs by not bringing any paper flyers, brochures, or business cards. The organizers wanted us all to improve information flow and be “green” by going digital,

Collecting Digital Documents, Not Paper

asking us to prepare all our marketing documents in digital format. No paper allowed! The visitors could pick up our brochures by touching tags on our booth”

“After the show we received the best analytics and lead generation report we’ve ever seen.  We can follow up with every person who picked up our brochures, we know what interested them, and which of our sales and marketing staff they met on the booth”


  • Over 36’000 glossy brochures & catalogues saved from printing and shipping, exchanged digitally
  • 100 exhibitors go paperless, saving over 1 million sheets of paper
  • Networking boosted, with over 204’000 digital business-cards exchanged
  • Exhibitor: “the best analytics and lead generation reports we’ve ever seen”
  • Green Metric: The first trade-show or event to top 1 million pages of paper saved from printing & shipping

The client

MaxVantage, a joint venture between Maritz and American Express Meetings & Events, is the world’s largest events management company.  Organizing more than 35’000 events every year around the world, 1000+ meeting and event planners gathered in Dallas (TX) on October 26-28, for a 3-day internal trade-show.  This event provided the opportunity to visit and connect with over 100 suppliers ranging from Visitor and Convention Bureaus from destination sites worldwide, to hotels, catering services, event-focused medical care providers, and event technology companies.

The solution

At registration, visitors were provided with a small USB poken device, and also instructed on how to

use their mobile phone to read and collect the rich media the exhibitors had encoded in NFC tags using Poken’s online content management tools.

Over the 2 days of intense networking, more than 204’000 digital business-cards were exchanged.  36’000 digital marketing packs were collected at supplier booths by the AMEX trade-show visitors who included account managers for prominent global clients such as IBM and Microsoft.

Streamlined Event Preparation

Following the instructions emailed to them before the event, the 100+ exhibitors diligently uploaded their marketing materials combining pdfs, videos, photos, links to websites and online reviews.  Each exhibitor had the opportunity to create and manage multiple “touch-points” loaded with their media, which many intend to use at future events.  Poken was praised for the simplicity of the digital content management process and the tools made available.

Touching NFC Tags to Collect Media

Of the 1200+ attendees at the trade-show, 93% created their own digital profile or “Social Business Card” prior to the event, using a link emailed as part of the event preparation.  This helped streamline registration on-site, as most could go through an expedited welcome process to collect their badge and poken.  Using NFC-equipped Samsung phones running Poken’s Android-based registration and lead-generation app, the welcome desk hostesses rapidly validated the visitors’ credentials.

Poken Mobile Event App

During the show, many attendees used their mobile phones to access event information, and view all the people and documents they collected.  Poken’s leading edge, browser-based event app for attendees does not require any download or special authentication.  Many BlackBerry-equipped participants were relieved not to have to install an event-specific app, and still be able to benefit from a rich mobile experience powered by a new technology called “HTML5” which works on any smart-phone.

Mobile Event App Works on Any Phone

Poken is unique in equipping event and trade-show organizers so that they can include all attendees in the digital document collection and exchange activities, by offering an affordable and ultra-simple digital collection tool.  Whether as a USB stick with Radio-Frequency collection capabilities (and compatible with the latest mobile phones through its support of the “Near Field Communication” standard) or as a free application for smart-phones, all attendees easily scan tags to collect documents and experience a rich online experience.  Beyond pokens and tags, Poken’s digital tool-chest for events includes an online exhibitor content management tool, exhibitor lead-generation mobile app, and a configurable and brandable visitor portal that helps create a community and provide pre-event, in-event and post-event engagement between visitors and sponsors, experienced both on the web and on any mobile phone.

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