Poken exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API). This document is the official reference for that functionality.

Getting Started

The Poken API is based on REST. To become familiar with the REST style of APIs please visit the Wikipedia site. The API methods allow developers to access some of the core Poken data.

The API is entirely HTTP-based. Methods to retrieve data from the Poken API require a GET request. To create or modify data require either a PUT or a POST. And to remove a resource a DELETE request is required.

If you use the wrong Http method the API will return an error code.

Some API methods have parameters which may be optional. All parameter values should be URL encoded and send in UTF-8 format.

API Methods

The documentation for each of our published API methods can be found here.
When using the web service documentation. please note that the PATH specified
must be pre-pended with the Base URL of https://api.poken.com/rest081
All requests should be done over https.

Getting Access

To gain access to the API a developer should make a request to api@poken.com to get API access credentials.
Please providing us :

  • redirection URI – used for when converting authorization code for an access token (for OAuth2 authentication)
  • website address
  • company name
  • contact name, poken account username or email
  • reason for accessing Poken API to be register for your client.

    We’ll get back to you with a client_id and a client_secret (OAuth2) or consumerKey and consumerSecret (Basic Auth or OAuth1) that you need to use from now on to make requests to Poken API.