Method Parameters

The API has many methods which can accept or require parameters to be passed. There are three types of parameters which may be passed. The description of the method will indicate which type of parameter is required.

All parameter values should be URL encoded and sent in UTF-8 format.

Query Parameters

A query parameter is a name/value pair appended to a URL. The parameter begins with a question mark (?) and takes the form name=value. If more than one URL parameter exists, each parameter is separated by an ampersand (&). The following example shows a URL parameter with two name/value pairs:

URL Path Parameters

A URL path parameter is part of a URL itself. It is embedded into the URL. There may be multiple path parameters for a request.

For example:

The request could be like this{identityId}/ where an example of this request could be

Form Parameters

A form parameter is sent in the body of a POST request. They take the form of name value pairs, such as alais=bob.