Poken Fashionista Contest Results

The Perfect Poken Accessory

For those of you just visiting or slightly out of the loop, we’ve been running a Poken Fashionista contest through our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. While our fan based turned out to be bit shy, a few brave souls took a shot at coordinateing stellar outfits with their favorite poken.

We’ll be sending the winners (below) their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

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Poken on FoxBusiness.com!

This week began with a splash as FoxBusiness.com interviewed Poken Founder & CEO, Stéphane Doutriaux, via Skype.  Where was Stéphane?  Sitting in the Geneva airport, waiting for his next flight.  Jetlagged?  Oh yes, this globe trotting Pokenaut is making waves around the world and it has its price.  Nevertheless, Mr. Doutriaux, pronounced “Doo-tree-ohh” for future reference, still managed to get these newscasters, and no doubt viewers as well, excited about Poken.  Hurray!

Watch the full video below:


Got style ? Enter the competition of the Poken fashionistas…

How do you wear your poken ?

To all you Poken fashionistas, we’d like to invite you to a global Poken fashion contest.  Thanks to a Poken reseller and the fashion blog Con dos Bolsas en Cada Mano there’s been a competition of the fashionistas in Spain.  We love it and now Poken S.A. would like to take it global.

From now until Monday, March 8th, 2010 you can submit a picture of yourself in a complete outfit of fabulous style and taste paired with your most fashionable and innovative accessory, your poken.  Send your pictures via Twitter (@poken) or post to our wall on our Facebook page.

We will announce the top 3 winners on Tuesday, March 9th.   Each winner will get their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

Can’t wait to see what you got!


The Pokenaut Lovers of Style

“Yeah, well. The Dude abides.” And the Pokenauts go bowling.

In honor of The Dude and the Poken team’s achievements of 2009, the Pokenauts of Lausanne went bowling. When you get an eclectic mix of people with a mish-mash of bowling talent you inevitably end up with an evening of highly entertaining moments, new concepts, and certainly, loads of laughs.

And, with awards like “Best style, which had no apparent effect on her score”, “Players most likely to be using performance enhancing substances,” and “Most strikes visibly aided by pin-setting machine,” there was something for everyone.

The team winner, by two points, was the Maudes.  It’s ok, the Donnys, the Dudes, and the Sobchaks had other good qualities…

And, lest we forget, the winner of “Most unique yet suprisingly effective style” was Gabriel. See the video below.

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Friday Night Lights: A Sneak Peak at pokenDOME

‘Friday Night Lights’ in 2010 Switzerland have nothing to do with American high school football and everything to do with blue waters, palm trees, and, you guessed it, pokens.

On January 29th, “Urban Oasis” at City Beach in Basel, Switzerland featured pokens in an effort to build their brand community while adding interactive entertainment.  Amidst the soft lighting, eclectic music, and paradise decor people discovered the full poken experience, from the green glow of pokening, to the dynamic website, poken.com, and of course the many networking opportunities that followed.

This pokenEVENT was especially pivotal for the Poken team because glowing pyramids were in the mix.  “Huh?” you ask, “What do pyramids have to do with widgets, APIs, and, wait for it… Shindig?  “Everything” is your answer.

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"Planet of the Apes" à la Poken ? (Poken maps widget launched!)

The latest feature of pokenHUB is our maps widget – a mashup of Google Maps and our new Open Social widget platform.   So now  Poken not only displays the contact details and address that your fellow Pokenites share, but it also shows you where your friends are located – view your Poken network geographically !  It’s fun, check it out.  Zoom in, zoom out, click to find out more… you get the idea.

Want to expand your network ?  Find a pokenEVENT, currently represented by a purple pyramid… what ?  (There’s a story, but we’re going to keep up the suspense on this one just a little longer… )  In the meantime,  know that at these events you will find fellow Pokenites with whom to build your network and get to know your community.

Still wondering how Planet of the Apes fits in?  Simple, your friends’ locations are represented by our beloved blue gorilla.   It’s genius, hehe.  We are, however, planning to eventually show other poken types as well, so hang tight if you want to see your geisha or ninja on the map.

For more info (all brilliant ideas welcome!) about building 3rd party widgets using Poken’s Open Social platform and API, developers should contact our development team at api@poken.com.

Brossman Gets It

Martin Brossman interviews pokenites to get the inside scoop on what all the buzz is about.   Their stories capture the essence of Poken.  Throw out your business cards because now you’ve got the “electronic social media business card,” as Brossman calls it, or as we here at Poken say, “your social business card.”

…Amy’s new poken, a.k.a. “Pauly” (the martian) let’s her connect with people instantly: she gets their basic contact information, their picture, the social networks that their on, when she pokened with them… and she’s just beginning to experience all the magic of the pokenHUB.  Amy, so glad you like!

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Poken wins Swiss ICT "Newcomer" Award

Poken has won the Swiss ICT “Newcomer” Award for 2009!

The Swiss internet and tech community is a lot like like Switzerland itself: small, diverse, intense and filled with global talents in all fields. So, it feels pretty darn good to be recognized in this growing economy and industry sector- according to the NY times, Switzerland has now passed the US as the most competitive business environment on earth. We’ll let you agree, ponder, or debate that face with the fine folks over in new york, but in the meantime, we’re gonna bask in the glow of this one a little bit.

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Introducing the PokenPULSE – Strong meets Sexy

And you thought September 23rd was just another Wednesday…

Not so Pokenites, not so.  Today, the PokenPULSETM steps elegantly out onto the scene: it’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it will forever change the Pokenverse.  Are you the edgy-trendsetter?  The lover of elegant design?  The champion of practicality?  Do you Poken – and love it?  If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above… get ready to meet your soul mate.

For sure, it’s hot, but this baby’s ‘beautiful on the inside’ too.  PokenPULSETM is the new Poken with 2GB on-board flash memory, hundreds-of-contacts storage between uploads, and easily updatable firmware.  USB what? Business cards – huh?  We’re killin’ birds with one hot stone, glowin’ green, and savin’ a few trees while we’re at it.

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