MHEDA to utilize Poken's Digital Event Platform for a third straight year!

Poken and MHEDAMHEDA was first introduced to Poken 30,000 feet in the air, in an American Airlines magazine article. Wanting to do something different at their 2012 conference, MHEDA brought Poken in to create a dynamic atmosphere, boost networking, and provide exhibitors with the best lead generation platform available. Poken sure made a splash, empowering attendees on average to make 45 connections, with the top “Pokenaut” achieving over 400!

As we’ve been lucky enough to extend our relationship with MHEDA for third year, to keep things fresh and increase utility MHEDA will add our Event Mobile App app and adorn the poken networking devices with fun caps.

Poken and MHEDA

In order to ensure broad use of the mobile app features, Poken has designed a class-leading HTML5 app that does not require being downloaded from an app store – it takes advantage of powerful new features in the browser, and launches instantly from a simple email link. Attendees will use their smartphones to add to the interactive experience that connects attendees, exhibitors, break out session, and provides an interactive agenda with session builder.
To add a little fun and stay with the 2014 Conference theme of Superheroes, the Pokens will come with one of five superhero MHEDA caps, how cool is that!

Poken Establishes Partnership with TeMeSe (The Marketing Store, Turkey)

Today we are announcing a new strategic partnership with TeMeSe (The Marketing Store official affiliate in Turkey) who will offer Poken products and services to the burgeoning Turkish market.  Turkey has quickly become of the hottest countries for Social Networking, currently ranking #3 in active Facebook users behind only the USA and UK.   TeMeSe has been chosen as Poken’s exclusive representative and reseller in the Turkish market.

The Marketing Store Worldwide (TMSW) is a global full service marketing communications agency behind some of the biggest and boldest campaigns in the advertising industry for brands as diverse as McDonald’s, Mars, Shell and Nestle using worldwide known licenses such as Shrek, Ice Age 3, and Kung Fu Panda.

We are extremely excited to partner with such a high-powered, creative, powerhouse in the Poken ecosystem.  To read more about this announcement, please check out our press center…

Poken Moves to the Cloud: Amazon

The New Poken Cloud

There’s a big shift in the pokenverse this weekend! We are officially moving the Poken Member Hub to the cloud. Specifically, Amazon’s Cloud (EC2), the high-tech hosting platform built by the same team running the world’s largest e-commerce store.

Amazon’s EC2 hosting will bring Poken’s online capabilities to an entirely new level. The first thing you will likely notice are performance improvements. Accessing the site, viewing your contacts, editing your profile, etc, should be quite a bit snappier! Particularly for users in the USA or Asia. The list of benefits will be mostly “under the hood” as they say. Better reliability, ease of maintenance, and improved storage capabilities. The net result … we believe you will love our new home in the cloud!

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Introducing pokenEVENT – the Ultimate Solution for Events and Promotions

Lift Social Business Card

Big news folks! Today we are introducing our first service offering, called pokenEVENT!

A pokenEVENT is a customizable event package that includes a mix of physical devices (pokens), a branded social business card, a branded networking platform (the Poken Member Hub), full post-event analytics, and more.

We built pokenEVENT specifically for event organizers, and the equation is simple: Poken improves networking at the events and helps them stand out in a crowded event space. Improved networking = greater customer satisfaction. The result: Increased repeat attendance, stronger word of mouth, and an additional compelling sponsorship opportunity!
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Poken as Enabler and Platform for Creativity in Japan

One of love poken It has been a while since i started a series of trips around the world visiting our local Poken teams. I started in Tokyo in Japan, a very inspiring trip. It was very visible that poken as a device goes beyond and stimulates a lot of creativity. The poken above (One of Love) is an example, a charity poken initiated in Japan and spreading around the world now.

The smalles news stand was also born in Japan. A great invention of a highly creative talent using poken and Twitter. High four with your favourite news celeb or channel (like Obama, CNN etc.). Through the poken-card you will easily follow your newsfeed on Twitter.

Poken news kiosk 2

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Experience Poken

I already wrote about the launch in Japan where Poken is seriously taking off. 100 Poken owners where present at the Merce Death Gig playing at a special Poken night. His guitar has a Poken functionality too, check out this vid:


Germany is also taking off looking at the tweets and the great response of the visitors of re:publica. The official launch will be in May but we already have some serious fans looking at Mission Poken… High four!

Japan takes off with Tokyo CGM Night; The attack of the Poken

Yesterday evening at the Tokoy CGM Night the attack of the Poken was the launch of Poken in Japan.
During this consumer generated content night there was a great audience of the most influential bloggers in Japan. The “Poken Girls” running about explaining how to use them were next to the introduction of course very successful! Be sure to check out other pictures of iMorpheus and the posting (Tokyo CGM Night Part III: The Attack of the Poken) of Steve Nagata.

Below two pictures of Danny Choo with Stéphane:

Danny Choo - Stéphane Doutriaux - They Poken

The power of social media

Poken up instead of thumbs up is what i wake up with and what i go to bed with :-). I’m amazed every day to see the enthusiasm and all the great response we get from people around the world loving Poken. I remember my first thought back in December when reading about Poken. The only thing i could think was: ‘What the **** is Poken?’. I started googling but i only got a suggestion if i was looking for Pokemon. NO, I am an adult and not into that…
I found it interesting and wanted to get my hands on one but in the Netherlands there was a serious shortage so I bought a 12-pack. I helpt building up the market in the Netherlands and now i am joining the team as head of business development and international sales. The team is great, full of energy, inspiring, international and i wake up everyday full of energy and although the days are long i go to bed full of energy :-).

The world is really connected, things have really changed if i bring back my memories of the first bubble. Sorry, let me introduce myself, my name is Ayman van Bregt and Google will tell you a lot but my favourite Poken is an edition that’s not yet in the stores so i will just shut up. Want to know more about me, try LinkedIN.

Anyway enough said, back to my title, the power of social media…. In December Poken did not have any hits on Google, now we are above 160 million. The buzz on Twitter is amazing and Youtube shows its power too…

The guys that made the video below are students in the Netherlands that got broadcasted on a Belgian tv-channel:


I love Lee LeFever and his videos of Common Craft but as of today a big Poken fanatic in New Zealand (Vaughan Rivett) made a great Poken in plain English, don’t you think? He only needs to work on his infographic skills 😉


Poken bridges offline networking and all that’s out there online and we are all passionate about that world. Renate in the UK recently joined too and although we have to miss her for some days, if you are going to SXSW so if you run in to her, the opening line is: ‘Do you poken?’ (check out Seesmic!)

Renate, enjoy the trip and keep us updated here please!