Certified we are!

Poken's CEO Stéphane Doutriaux receives the "CTI Certified" label

We can proudly announce that Poken S.A. has been awarded the prestigious « CTI Certified » label. This certification handed out by the Swiss Confederation’s Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI) states that the awarded companies are ‘ready for sustainable business development’. Start-ups that receive this label are regarded as the most promising, stable and sustainable businesses to have emerged out of the CTI start-up network.

To read more about this certification, please refer to our official press release. More information about CTI start-up can be found here.

Poken sets foot in the North American promotional market

Did you catch our latest press release yesterday? Exciting news from the North American sales front: Poken is happy to announce its partnership with MMI. We are teaming up in order to conquer the promotional market with our cutting-edge social networking devices. Read the full press release in our press center!

Image: Bill Longshaw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Latest News: Swisscom Ventures investing in Poken

Our latest press release has gone out this morning and is already creating a huge amount of buzz, especially on Twitter! This mostly thanks to TechCrunch Europe and US, who has picked it up right away (link to the article to be found here).

We are happy to announce that Swisscom Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Swisscom AG – Switzerland’s leading telecom operator, is participating in a $1.8 million round, and will be represented on Poken’s Board of Directors by Dominique Mégret, Head of Swisscom Ventures, a seasoned executive and entrepreneur.

The Swisscom Venture investment and partnership are further validation of Poken’s fast-paced evolution as the market leader in social networking devices.  The new pokenEVENT service offering is gaining significant traction in the events and corporate networking space — helping customers such as Adobe, BMW, IBM, Microsoft and Tempo Music host powerful networking events.  In addition, event organizers such as PublicisLive — host of the World Economic Forum — have also recently used the pokenEVENT networking platform to help reduce the clutter of business cards and streamline the process for distributing digital materials at their events.

If you are interested in reading the whole press release, please visit our Press Center.


Poken Moves to the Cloud: Amazon

The New Poken Cloud

There’s a big shift in the pokenverse this weekend! We are officially moving the Poken Member Hub to the cloud. Specifically, Amazon’s Cloud (EC2), the high-tech hosting platform built by the same team running the world’s largest e-commerce store.

Amazon’s EC2 hosting will bring Poken’s online capabilities to an entirely new level. The first thing you will likely notice are performance improvements. Accessing the site, viewing your contacts, editing your profile, etc, should be quite a bit snappier! Particularly for users in the USA or Asia. The list of benefits will be mostly “under the hood” as they say. Better reliability, ease of maintenance, and improved storage capabilities. The net result … we believe you will love our new home in the cloud!

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Poken at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit (March 9-11, 2010)

Stephane and Dome at ADMS

About two weeks ago, Poken’s CEO Stephane and myself, from the Marketing Team, flew to the United Arab Emirates to support the distribution of pokens at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Media Summit (ADMS). The exclusive 3-day summit was an invitation-only event and welcomed about 400 chairs, CEOs and major business unit heads from the world’s top-tier media players as well as their new-market counterparts. The event organizer publicisLIVE had chosen Poken as their networking partner and provided all participants with an ADMS customized poken on their badge.

Besides the incredibly exotic venue at the Yas Hotel, Stephane and I were excited about the incredible line-up of speakers at the event: Eric Schmidt of Google, Rupert Murdoch of the News Corporation, Maurice Lévy of the Publicis Group and Josh Silverman of Skype, just to name very few.  The focus of the event was the challenges and opportunities rising from an increasingly globalized media landscape as well as the advent of new technologies and their effect on traditional media.

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Poken Fashionista Contest Results

The Perfect Poken Accessory

For those of you just visiting or slightly out of the loop, we’ve been running a Poken Fashionista contest through our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. While our fan based turned out to be bit shy, a few brave souls took a shot at coordinateing stellar outfits with their favorite poken.

We’ll be sending the winners (below) their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

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Introducing pokenEVENT – the Ultimate Solution for Events and Promotions

Lift Social Business Card

Big news folks! Today we are introducing our first service offering, called pokenEVENT!

A pokenEVENT is a customizable event package that includes a mix of physical devices (pokens), a branded social business card, a branded networking platform (the Poken Member Hub), full post-event analytics, and more.

We built pokenEVENT specifically for event organizers, and the equation is simple: Poken improves networking at the events and helps them stand out in a crowded event space. Improved networking = greater customer satisfaction. The result: Increased repeat attendance, stronger word of mouth, and an additional compelling sponsorship opportunity!
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Poken on FoxBusiness.com!

This week began with a splash as FoxBusiness.com interviewed Poken Founder & CEO, Stéphane Doutriaux, via Skype.  Where was Stéphane?  Sitting in the Geneva airport, waiting for his next flight.  Jetlagged?  Oh yes, this globe trotting Pokenaut is making waves around the world and it has its price.  Nevertheless, Mr. Doutriaux, pronounced “Doo-tree-ohh” for future reference, still managed to get these newscasters, and no doubt viewers as well, excited about Poken.  Hurray!

Watch the full video below:


Got style ? Enter the competition of the Poken fashionistas…

How do you wear your poken ?

To all you Poken fashionistas, we’d like to invite you to a global Poken fashion contest.  Thanks to a Poken reseller and the fashion blog Con dos Bolsas en Cada Mano there’s been a competition of the fashionistas in Spain.  We love it and now Poken S.A. would like to take it global.

From now until Monday, March 8th, 2010 you can submit a picture of yourself in a complete outfit of fabulous style and taste paired with your most fashionable and innovative accessory, your poken.  Send your pictures via Twitter (@poken) or post to our wall on our Facebook page.

We will announce the top 3 winners on Tuesday, March 9th.   Each winner will get their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

Can’t wait to see what you got!


The Pokenaut Lovers of Style