We love event apps, but are they your only engagement solution?

engagement (1)Technology in the event space is booming and everything in its path is either getting picked up and transformed into a digital application or becoming a figment of the past. Mobile apps are no exception.  The days of people scrambling to find a ‘lost’ show catalogue or finding someone who actually knows what is going on at the event are numbered. Now visitors can get most event information on their mobile devices, (granted they are using a smartphone or tablet, have Wi-Fi, and have downloaded it).

But this is not enough. Event professionals want Read More

Why you should love registration

registrationLet’s be honest for a moment: Registration is to the event landscape what accounting is to the office- Something everyone needs but no one gets excited by. Simply put, event registration will never be the rock star.

But rather than a necessary inconvenience, let’s take a different approach. Let’s pretend that registration is an opportunity to set the stage and create anticipation.  (I know what you are thinking, but humor me for a moment).

Registration is often the first face to face interaction participants will have with your event. With a few little hints, you can use it to Read More

Unleashing Poken to the physical web: Vending machines and beyond

vending1 Guest Blogger: Mark Stewart, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at wonderMakr

When you think about the physical web, you probably think of smartphones controlling lights in your house, or a door lock that unlocks when you walk up to it. And you’d be right. The physical web is an approach that taps into the core power of the Internet: interaction between your mobile device and the objects around you. But how can this Internet of things be applied to creating engaging Read More

Order of the Arrow to celebrate 100 year anniversary with Poken

16793378664_1bebd97815_oPoken is excited to be working together with Boy Scouts of America to help celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the National Order of the Arrow.

Poken will create the interactive experience at the event, expected to host 15,000 boy scouts, by showing live interactive statistics, helping guide visitors in real-time to activities and providing instant alerts and daily contests. But it doesn’t stop there. Poken’s digital gaming engine will also bring a modern twist to the traditional Scout ‘patches’, as conference guests compete to collect digital patches by taking part in more than 200 events at the conference. Read more.

Hey meetings and conferences, it’s time to get REAL

molly grey scaleChecking in to conference sessions and meetings can be stressful. Has my participation been successfully monitored? Do I know who attended my meeting? How can I measure if my conference was a success? All of these are important considerations for attendees and event organisers alike. The good news is that
technology has evolved to a place where meetings and conferences can be monitored in real time. But why is this so important? Because events are very much alive. Being in real time allows organizers and attendees to engage, and to Read More

Event Engagement – Not just about the food

Barbara squareWith Event Manager Barbara Van Der Walt

The event landscape is continuously evolving. Gone are the days of luring people with gourmet food and champagne, then captivating them with your message. And thank blog this has changed. Event engagement is no longer optional, if your goal isn’t to get attendees connected to your message and each other from the start, you might as well be Read More

Exhibitors BETT on Poken

ocr3Sorry technophiles, the unfortunate truth is that no single piece of technology is able to solve all your event needs.  Be it the newest mobile app or the next (slightly awkward looking) wearable, audiences are too unique and organizers’ goals too specific for a simple fix.

But why would anyone want that when they can have a platform of integrated pieces that are customizable and work together to achieve the results you are after? The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examination board where after a mobile app. What they got was so much more. Read More

Case Study: Real time meetings tracking at US Department of Veteran Affair’s National Veterans Small Business Engagement

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 20.04.19The US Department of Veteran Affair’s National Veterans Small Business Engagement is an annual 3-day event that aims to bring together veteran owned companies, and government procurement decision makers. Over 3,800 participants met in Atlanta, from the 9th to the 11th December 2014 for the event. The US Department of Veteran Affairs had the challenge of bringing the most value to the Read More

Knowledge Tracking at Sales Training Events

Every Sales Manager will tell you that knowledge is power and that product knowledge is paramount to making a sale. One of the greatest challenges faced by retail and consumer companies is empowering there staff with the most up to date product knowledge and training.

The combination of touch communication, digital content sharing and continuous support via an online web portal has made Read More

Poken launches new technology at eibtm

DSC_0295With the taste of tapas still on our lips, it’s hard to believe that eibtm was already a week ago. Every year the booths seem to be more impressive, the crowds larger and the meetings more opportune. This year we were not just there to showcase our green event platform, but to launch a new addition to our digital tool chest.

On Wednesday 19th, to a dark room of glowing journalists, Poken CEO Stephane Doutriaux introduced the Super and Real-time Touch Points to the event industry; a new technology aimed at changing the way in which people engage with content and check-in at meetings & sessions. Within minutes of the press conference being over, the news was spreading all over the world, and Poken’s new technology was the talk of the industry.