What we learned at IMEX – Events are on the rise!

A few of us Pokenauts had the opportunity to attend IMEX in Frankfurt this week.  2014-05-21 11.17.28Today the Poken Europe team is back in the office, catching up on a gazillion emails and planning our follow up with new leads. What a great event IMEX was!  We’ve been attending event marketing shows every year since 2009, and let me tell you, there are a few trends that we can clearly see:

  • Event activity is picking up: all around the globe. Recession? Who talks of recession.  Maybe we’re just lucky in who

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INDABA 2014: Africa on show

2014-05-11 11.40.36We are walking to gateway C of Johannesburg airport, to leave South Africa after Indaba 2014. The Event and Marketing team are all carrying bags full of well-worn Poken crew work shirts, duty free gifts and the kind of bitter sweet feelings that linger around after a full week of life enhancing experiences and encounters with a lot of truly inspiring people. Sandra notices a large banner spanning from ceiling to floor. “I love quotes” she says, and we pause a moment to take a picture.  The large white lettering reads: Read More

A Week in Review: From Boosting Networking to Tagging Test-Drives for GM, Poken is Rocking it on 4 Continents

This week is a busy one at Poken!2014-05-14 10.08.37

Our world-wide event teams are rocking it on 4 continents, with big-name clients that are tapping into our Green Event Toolchest to attain a variety of objectives.  

PinkRoccade healthcare is boosting its partner event in Netherlands with the green glow of networking, and so is AVNET’s Technology Solutions Partner Summit in Arizona.  In North Carolina, the 2014 National Association of Consumer Shows is is going Green, so are 2000 doctors in Brazil and PC Connection in New Hampshire! On the automobile front, GM is running its Fleet & Commercial 2015 Product Preview
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What I discovered about Poken when I joined the team

ImageAny new position means a lot of new things to come your way; new desk, new coffee machine, new roles and responsibilities. This learning curve is all a part of the gig. Sometimes however, a new workplace can surprise you. My name is Grant and after my first few weeks with Poken’s Event and Marketing Team, I`ve taken a look at some of the discoveries that left me pleasantly surprised.

Lesson 1: The Poken way

Most often I have found new work mates to be nice people going about their own tasks, and if they have a second to lend a hand, they may do so. Because just like you, they are there to do a job. Not so with Poken. Before starting, I was asked to come in to meet everyone and get to know the office. I was expecting a few friendly hello’s and a brief walk through.  What I got was a parade of hugs Read More

MHEDA to utilize Poken's Digital Event Platform for a third straight year!

Poken and MHEDAMHEDA was first introduced to Poken 30,000 feet in the air, in an American Airlines magazine article. Wanting to do something different at their 2012 conference, MHEDA brought Poken in to create a dynamic atmosphere, boost networking, and provide exhibitors with the best lead generation platform available. Poken sure made a splash, empowering attendees on average to make 45 connections, with the top “Pokenaut” achieving over 400!

As we’ve been lucky enough to extend our relationship with MHEDA for third year, to keep things fresh and increase utility MHEDA will add our Event Mobile App app and adorn the poken networking devices with fun caps.

Poken and MHEDA

In order to ensure broad use of the mobile app features, Poken has designed a class-leading HTML5 app that does not require being downloaded from an app store – it takes advantage of powerful new features in the browser, and launches instantly from a simple email link. Attendees will use their smartphones to add to the interactive experience that connects attendees, exhibitors, break out session, and provides an interactive agenda with session builder.
To add a little fun and stay with the 2014 Conference theme of Superheroes, the Pokens will come with one of five superhero MHEDA caps, how cool is that!

Poken – Around the World in 20 Countries

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 4.12.27 PM

Apparently I am not the only one to whom the phrase “I Poke, therefore I am” applies: Poken France launched the tag phrase “Je Poke, Donc je Suis”, which is a play on words as it also has a second meaning “I Poke, therefore I follow”.  Collecting & following people, exhibitors, and product information is at our core.

The Poken ecosystem at the start of 2014 can support clients physically anywhere. From Poken UK to Poken Australia (congrats again, Andy, for beating Australia’s5626_10151987005550415_1494373636_n champion with the Poken Dragster!), through France, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Benelux, Romania, the Middle East, USA, Hawaii and Latin America, the same committed, happy spirit flows in all Poken offices – and when there’s no need to be local, a Pokenaut will fly in to support you, such as at the Fibre to the Home conference in Stockholm next month.  Serving global clients is our strength – Novartis relies on the same Read More

Poken in 2014 – Mobile, Registration, Badge Printing

2013 was a busy year for Poken, and 2014 will be busier yet!  There is a clear thirst for better interaction and more engagement in events.  Poken is addressing the need with a clever twist – offering a Green experience, where every exchange goes digital.  “Poke” and collect – no more

paper catalogs, flyers, conference proceedings, or business cards. Everything managed, sorted, and shared digitally, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.   That’s still our core focus; as we launch into 2014, Poken’s Green Event Toolchest is set to be used again by over 80% of the customers who used it in their recurring events last year.  And they want more!

This month we are launching a fully redesigned mobile app for event visitors.  Using the latest HTML5 technology, we are able to offer all the core mobile event services Read More

What our customers are saying about Poken

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 5.20.49 PM

We are honored that our tools have served many hundreds of events in the past two years, and all of them very successfully.  Whether tweeted or on camera, some of our customers have spontaneously given us testimonials that we’re happy to share with you here:

Afflink Exhibitor Testimonial  > Watch the video here

“It is the best lead generation & capture system I have ever seen. We do over 20 trade shows a year – this tool saves us so much time. It’s just phenomenal.”

 – 20 year trade show veteran

Amerinet Exhibitor Testimonial > Watch the video here


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A Snapshot of Poken Customers in 2013

(click on any of the hyperlinks to see cool videos!)

Rolling past the 1’500 event mark, 2013 was a big year for Poken. Six years in business, a growing team, and a growing client base.

A few highlights of 2013 include Indaba, Africa’s top travel trade show, promoting Indaba Connect again for their show this year.  A fully pokenized International Liver Congress is moving from Amsterdam to Press - CNBCLondon this year, again with close to 10’000 doctors engaging with exhibitors like Brystol Myers Squibb, Novartis, Astra Zenica and many more.   American Express Meetings & Events is ramping up its use of Poken: From industry fairs in Phoenix to Dallas to Las Vegas to Barcelona and Paris – this one with a 3 year deal.  Did I mention Las Vegas?  More than 12 pokenized events took place there in 2013, with several other US cities just behind.  On the heels of Pharma, we’ve catered to numerous Travel industry shows, including Pure Life Experiences, LeMiami, and Reed’s EIBTM, where Poken caught everyone’s attention with its Innovation Zone  Read More

Poken's CEO, Stéphane Doutriaux, Inverviewed about the benefits of using Poken

Host: Stéphane, can you describe what Poken is?

SD: Imagine walking around a trade show with a small device attached to your badge that allows you to collect all the marketing documents, the exhibitor details, and the digital business cards of the people or

Collecting Documents "With a Touch"

things that you touch with it. On a daily basis, your receive an email with a full recap of what you’ve collected that day, timed and organized, so you can review, download, and share the content you’ve collected. No more heavy tote-bag full of stuff that ends up in the hotel room garbage can. A “poken” is a small device that looks and functions like a USB stick, but which records information simply when you touch it up to a “poken Tag”, a small sticker that contains the digital information an exhibitor wants to share. Along with the web-based software that makes it easy to configure it all, you have “Poken”.

Host: Talk about getting the most out of your trade show investment! 

SD: Poken allows event organizers to “green” an event by helping exhibitors eliminate paper, replacing the traditional exchange of paper Read More