We Finally Won Our Long-Awaited Patent!

PRESS RELEASE, June 11th 2013, Spokane, WA / Lausanne, Switzerland: 


After capturing the hearts and minds of many with their innovative networking and lead generation tools, the team at Poken has now reaffirmed their position in the technology space with a newly approved patent, granted by the US Patent Office.  While European and Chinese patents are pending, the company has shown promising advances in their business all over the world, making great headway in the events & trade show space.  Poken was one of the very early Read More

Exhibitors' Buy-In Increases Two-Fold, Year-to-Year

Amerinet, AACS, Afflink, European Liver Congress, IBM Business Partner Executive Conference, recruiting fairs: A revolution is brewing.  Over 100 events sprouted “Pick up your Poken” collection desks since our last newsletter.

EASL - team 1

Situated next to registration, visitors  are becoming accustomed to being offered their networking and document collection USB stick at events small and big.

Why the drive to boost networking and help participants engage with exhibitors?  In this digital age where most of our days are spent behind computer screens, real-world events are seeing continued growth as participants try to make the most of their time to mingle and meet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.19.10 PM

Why is Smart City World Congress going into its third year of using Poken’s “touch Read More

Top Travel Trade Show Boasts "Go Green" Success Using Poken's NFC Platform

547183_463720490368686_1884577779_nWith one of the largest and most successful NFC (Near Field Communication) deployments to date, South Africa has taken the lead on using the new contactless technology to achieve its aims of boosting efficiency and going paperless.

Over 60 000 connections per day were made by  “INDABA Connect” users, who used Poken’s NFC based event tool-chest to distribute over 14,258 documents and share more than 240’000 business cards, electronically.  A fleet of Sony xPeria phones were used in conjunction with Poken’s NFC USB sticks and NFC+ tags, to allow exhibitors and event hosts to digitally exchange information.

This was a deliberate eco-friendly initiative, a ‘Go Green’ approach that led to the saving of a Read More

Driving Attention and Driving Results – Pharmaceutical Drug Launches, With a Touch of Poken

By Rudy Marrero – Head of Sales, Europe, @ Poken.

image 1b blurredClients are always asking me “How can we attract people to our booth and get our new products noticed?” In the Pharmaceutical space, Poken has become an ideal tool to answer this very need. Pharmaceutical companies are unique because they have legal constraints on what they can do regarding product advertising and gifts. They also have the need to get scientific and educational information across to a less technologically-inclined crowd. With both those challenges, the Poken platform has flexible solutions. An ideal promotional gift, the poken device cost is below $20, and it provides a useful web-based extension:  Through a custom web portal, visitors can browse confidential information they’ve collected in your booth, with a simple touch.

Poken was a hit with pharmaceutical buyers at the 20th FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Rome, where our client drew a crowd as they never had before, boosting their
brand visibility and collecting valuable metrics.

The client’s challenge was this: With over 7000 participants and hundreds of exhibitors, how Read More

Ten Benefits of Going Paperless

It feels great to be Green, and there are many advantages beyond the sustainability angle. When asked about their main reasons for going Green at trade shows, here are what businesses answer. There are many great reasons that align both your CFO and your CSR executives (budget & sustainability) !green tunnel

1. Cost of Printing: When you think of $1

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 2.30.35 PM

to $2 per brochure, do you factor in how many of those you hand out actually get read?What is the true cost per reader? It’s likely to be 5 to 10 times higher.  The cost of paper has gone up regularly over the past decade, while its effectiveness in passing a message has gone down.

2. Transportation contributes heavily to your printed collateral costs, but is often a hidden cost Read More

Voting with a Touch – How to get 95% Participation in your Surveys

Image Poken is a core part of the networking experience at PURE; it ignites conversations, makes networking simple and entertaining, and creates an engaging experience for PUREists to collect useful business contacts with a simple touch.”

( Make sure to check out the event website: http://www.purelifeexperiences.com/Poken2012.html )

After implementing Poken’s Green Event solutions two years in a row, and observing year over year improvements in visitor engagement, BLM increased its reliance on “touch” and reduced its carbon footprint yet again by deploying poken’s unique NFC+ tags as part of a wall-based survey.



  • 2012:  69’023 business cards exchanged, a 35% increase over 2011
  • A unique, wall-to-wall “Touch Survey”, was filled in by 95% of participants, providing better voting than any other solution
  • More than 30% of participants updated their profile to include social networks
  • The Best Networker collected 219 digital business cards, and is now a known influencer


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Smart City Expo World Congress 2012 Goes Paperless

Barcelona, November 15 2012.  Watch this video to see how over 42’000 documents were collected by attendees from the largest Poken Media Wall in the world, saving over half a million pages of paper.  Smart City Expo, the leading event for new technologies targeting cities, municipalities, and government organizations, is spearheading the movement to develop smart communities that will drive forward innovative, sustainable cities.  With 7000 visitors and over 3000 delegates attending conferences by 329 speakers, this event is a showcase in using sustainable means for communication and document exchange.

Following the successful use of Poken’s lead-generation and paperless document exchange tools in 2011, this year’s event repeated the experience and went all the way with a “no paper allowed” approach to distributing presenters slides and conference proceedings.  25 exhibitors participated, replacing flyers & catalogs with NFC tags and using Poken’s CMS (Content Management System) to upload, administer, and measure the spread of their documents.

Visit Poken at EIBTM: Showcasing touch-marketing tools for paperless events

EIBTM, the leading global trade-show for the meetings, incentives & events industry, will be held in Barcelona from November 27th to the 29th.

Once again, Poken will be present, and we aim to maintain our reputation as the most sought-after booth in the Technology Village.  We will be demoing our unrivaled lead generation & event networking tools, and our staff will be available to answer any questions about the new frontier in digital events & trade shows: Touch marketing. Explore digital voting, document collection & more as we share with you our latest customer success stories, helping events & trade-shows go paperless, and generate the best leads and metrics they’ve ever seen

Try the Poken mobile app
Come to our booth to get the full “touch and collect” experience with our NFC-compatbile devices, tags, andour mobile apps. Everything you collect at our booth will be accessible in your timeline, so that you can review it online, on your phone or in your web account, and spread it to your peers. Download our new mobile app ahead of the show, and regardless of network coverage at the event, you will be able to collect digital information at any booth that uses QR codes. Everything will be neatly stored, in your poken account, for browsing when you get home.

Take part in the experience!
EIBTM offers outstanding opportunities to learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies and services available to enhance your events. Poken will be featured in the Future Event Experience providing subject matter expertise on how Touch Marketing is transforming the event industry.

We are happy to welcome you at the Poken booth (N185).

Poken team and our partners will be available to show you how to generate high quality leads and get unprecedented insights into your participants’ interests, at your next event.
If you would like to take an appointment, feel free to contact us.

AMEX Supplier Trade Show Saves 135 trees, With a Touch

Exhibitor Quotes:  “This is amazing. It’s the fist trade-show where [as an exhibitor] I was asked to simplify my preparation work and save costs by not bringing any paper flyers, brochures, or business cards. The organizers wanted us all to improve information flow and be “green” by going digital,

Collecting Digital Documents, Not Paper

asking us to prepare all our marketing documents in digital format. No paper allowed! The visitors could pick up our brochures by touching tags on our booth”

“After the show we received the best analytics and lead generation report we’ve ever seen.  We can follow up with every person who picked up our brochures, we know what interested them, and which of our sales and marketing staff they met on the booth”


  • Over 36’000 glossy brochures & catalogues saved from printing and shipping, exchanged digitally
  • 100 exhibitors go paperless, saving over 1 million sheets of paper
  • Networking boosted, with over 204’000 digital business-cards exchanged
  • Exhibitor: “the best analytics and lead generation reports we’ve ever seen”
  • Green Metric: The first trade-show or event to top 1 million pages of paper saved from printing & shipping

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A Smarter Way of Doing Trade-Shows

Checking In at Supplier Booths, for Credit

Afflink uses Poken at its Preferred Buyer trade-shows to allow Buyers to track visits to Supplier booth, gaining credit for connecting with Exhibitors


  •  42% reduction in paper and energy consumption measured by the organizer
  •  61’000 digital business-card exchanges
  •  12’360 meetings scheduled and tracked using digital tags and pokens
  •  Green Metric: Afflink can boast being closer to its goal of running sustainable events

The client

Afflink is one of the biggest and most successful member-driven sales & marketing
organizations, linking Preferred Suppliers to the largest group of Distributors found anywhere in the marketplace. Through its tradeshows, Afflink connects its members according to their business objectives, Read More