Brossman Gets It

Martin Brossman interviews pokenites to get the inside scoop on what all the buzz is about.   Their stories capture the essence of Poken.  Throw out your business cards because now you’ve got the “electronic social media business card,” as Brossman calls it, or as we here at Poken say, “your social business card.”

…Amy’s new poken, a.k.a. “Pauly” (the martian) let’s her connect with people instantly: she gets their basic contact information, their picture, the social networks that their on, when she pokened with them… and she’s just beginning to experience all the magic of the pokenHUB.  Amy, so glad you like!

…Pat Howellet asks, “How do you take that connection that you made at a chamber function or a BNI meeting and connect it with your online persona, your LinkedIn profile?  And then how do you take your LinkedIn profile and connect it with people that you meet in your coffee shop?”  Answer: Poken, “It brings the offline online and the online offline.”  Thank you Pat, funny, we were thinking just the same thing. 😉

…Greg Hyer loves that the information in your Poken account is “fresh.”  That’s right people, you may have pokened with someone 3 months ago and since then they’ve moved and set up shop somewhere else.  Not to worry, they can easily update their information on their Poken card and it will show up in your account instantly.  That is — so fresh.

…and Rob Laughter we love your “Chicago credit card” …and your name.

Anyway, just watch the video and you’ll get all the insight.


A very very special thanks to Martin Brossman!


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