Cars and Poken: combining utility and passion.

With Poken, collecting people, places and things has never been faster. With a simple touch, you can gather and exchange digital information in the real world.

So it’s not a coincidence that many of our fans love car racing. Some of them have branded their racecars: from Formula-2 in Europe to Drag Racing in Australia, we’ve seen at least 5 Poken-branded speedsters whizzing by.

But it’s not only our car fans that have been using Poken. Car brands, such as BMW (in Germany and Holland), Mini (in Japan and Romania) and Fiat (in Paris) have been using our products and platform to generate high quality sales leads and differentiate their brand in this highly competitive market.

BMW distributes pokens to attendees at car shows to enabled people to collect digital brochures about the different cars. Extracting detailed metrics, the company can then find out the models visitors are most interested in.

Mini has incorporated Poken into the welcome package every new owner receives when they purchase a car. The company created a community that enhances online and offline interactions between Mini owners, and provides them with limited edition offers and collectibles (such as an unreleased music track) at their events, adding value to their loyalty program.

Fiat uses Poken to extract useful metrics and consumer insights from their flagship stores. This information is used to fine-tune the creation of marketing and communication materials.

In addition to these major car brands, a leading American car magazine uses Poken to revive its large database of archived articles and reviews. Based on the models and car brands visitors collect at car shows, they are suggested to read appropriate articles and reviews.

Poken is driving innovation into the way car manufactures generate leads and better understand their consumer’s interests.

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