True sensation at the Mini Event in Japan !

On November the 16th 2010, the Mini Cooper lovers from all over Japan gathered in Sodegaura, a town right on the other side of Tokyo Bay, to celebrate their common passion they all share for the Mini Cooper cars.

More than 2000 Mini Cooper owners attended the event which turned out to be a real blast. The organizers set up a race track where the Mini drivers could go wild with their awesome cars.
Of course Poken was present and in what a great way. The organizers gave away custom Pokens to all the attendees (see picture on the right). Their reactions were beyond expectation – they were constantly pokening and having a great time about it.
The event also offered other things to experience – there were various stands offering good food, different contests, music and of course lots of Mini Coopers to stare at and admire.
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Poken Italian Style – the Angel and Devil Touch

Italy is known for many things, a rich history, fantastic food, vibrant nightlife, and an incredible sense of style.  Therefore it is only in Italy that you might find a truly authentic melding of high fashion and high technology.

The Poken Reseller in Italy is E-Motion.  And they have combined forces with one of the most popular fashion companies in Italy, called Angel and Devil, to create a unique Poken creation called the “Angel and Devil Touch”.  The concept is one that frankly didn’t seem possible a few months ago, but it has launched recently to much fanfare.

Picture this: if you are young and hip, and you want to Social Network with your friends at the latest trendy nightclub, how would you do it?  Well if you reading this blog, you would certainly guess correctly that you would use your poken to do it, but where to carry the device?  Angel and Devil has come up with the concept of incorporating your poken directly into a special pocket … ON your jeans!!  Yes that’s right, now you can wear your
poken on the outside!  So rather than a High Four, its now a Hip Four!?

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Poken at TechCrunch Disrupt in SF

The 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco features a virtual who’s who of the most innovative companies, and people in technology.  Ranging from big companies (Google, Microsoft, Motorola), to VCs (Sequoia, USVP) and launching true startups (Qwiki, Badgeville, etc.)  With an event motto of “Create. Destroy.  Repeat.” the Disrupt event takes a particularly progressive viewpoint on how innovation is changing the way we live, work and play.

One of the smaller companies making a huge splash at the event was Poken.  Sponsored by SecondMarket there were Pokens all around the TechCrunch Disrupt and we created quite a buzz!  Many companies pay to gain that much attention, so we thank SecondMarket for the opportunity to promote Poken and their great investor services!

Denny Mayer, Head of US Sales, was at the event and can be seen on the picture summary shown here about 2/3 of the way down the page.  According to Denny “we stole the show, and even though we were not one of the “Featured Startups” the Poken buzz was quickly created and we enrolled the entire registration team at TechCrunch into sending everyone over to pick up their Pokens….  it was awesome.”

Great work Denny and team!  Thank you SecondMarket and TechCrunch!!  Now its time to go forth, Create and Destroy. High Four!

Poken Establishes Partnership with TeMeSe (The Marketing Store, Turkey)

Today we are announcing a new strategic partnership with TeMeSe (The Marketing Store official affiliate in Turkey) who will offer Poken products and services to the burgeoning Turkish market.  Turkey has quickly become of the hottest countries for Social Networking, currently ranking #3 in active Facebook users behind only the USA and UK.   TeMeSe has been chosen as Poken’s exclusive representative and reseller in the Turkish market.

The Marketing Store Worldwide (TMSW) is a global full service marketing communications agency behind some of the biggest and boldest campaigns in the advertising industry for brands as diverse as McDonald’s, Mars, Shell and Nestle using worldwide known licenses such as Shrek, Ice Age 3, and Kung Fu Panda.

We are extremely excited to partner with such a high-powered, creative, powerhouse in the Poken ecosystem.  To read more about this announcement, please check out our press center…

Poken Fashionista Contest Results

The Perfect Poken Accessory

For those of you just visiting or slightly out of the loop, we’ve been running a Poken Fashionista contest through our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. While our fan based turned out to be bit shy, a few brave souls took a shot at coordinateing stellar outfits with their favorite poken.

We’ll be sending the winners (below) their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

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Got style ? Enter the competition of the Poken fashionistas…

How do you wear your poken ?

To all you Poken fashionistas, we’d like to invite you to a global Poken fashion contest.  Thanks to a Poken reseller and the fashion blog Con dos Bolsas en Cada Mano there’s been a competition of the fashionistas in Spain.  We love it and now Poken S.A. would like to take it global.

From now until Monday, March 8th, 2010 you can submit a picture of yourself in a complete outfit of fabulous style and taste paired with your most fashionable and innovative accessory, your poken.  Send your pictures via Twitter (@poken) or post to our wall on our Facebook page.

We will announce the top 3 winners on Tuesday, March 9th.   Each winner will get their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

Can’t wait to see what you got!


The Pokenaut Lovers of Style

Something New Around Here – Intro the PokenHUB

Hi denizens of the Pokenverse! Greetings and salutations as the spider once said (or wrote in her web).

It would be a bit of an understatement to point out that we’ve spiffed things up around here at  We’ve overhauled the marketing section of the site- new content, new pretty pictures, new fan interactions. Our goal was to make sure y’all knew Poken was about you.  We want to rotate in and out new stories, photos, experiences and Poken fan fun, so please let us know about any of that stuff.

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Introducing the PokenPULSE – Strong meets Sexy

And you thought September 23rd was just another Wednesday…

Not so Pokenites, not so.  Today, the PokenPULSETM steps elegantly out onto the scene: it’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it will forever change the Pokenverse.  Are you the edgy-trendsetter?  The lover of elegant design?  The champion of practicality?  Do you Poken – and love it?  If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above… get ready to meet your soul mate.

For sure, it’s hot, but this baby’s ‘beautiful on the inside’ too.  PokenPULSETM is the new Poken with 2GB on-board flash memory, hundreds-of-contacts storage between uploads, and easily updatable firmware.  USB what? Business cards – huh?  We’re killin’ birds with one hot stone, glowin’ green, and savin’ a few trees while we’re at it.

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Sex Up Your Poken Card

Creativity + Poken = Awesome!

Some of you have been posting your custom poken cards online.  This is COOL!

My  favourite collection right now is called Festival Kids by a bunch of Japanese cool kids. They’ve created an entire series of classic, degital, analog, photo, and minimal designs to download. Yay!

The festival kids even created a Photo ID maker so you can easily add your photo to one of their amazing cards. Here is a taster…

poken card + social networking icons
poken card + social networking icons

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So what’s going on with the Poken product team? To bring everyone up to speed, Poken has been working on developing the next generation of our website using an entirely new web architecture with tools such as Liferay [CMS to manage content], PHP [web framework to build our new member hub]  and MooTools [JavaScript framework for interactive and visual experience].  Everyone on the Poken team is extremely busy coding a beta release of the brand new

The goal of the new site is to incorporate our new branding guidelines, visuals and create a site that matches the simplicity of the Poken device. Over the upcoming weeks, we will roll out some product demos for the Poken faithful to test and provide feedback on.   We have truly listened to our users over the last seven months and this will be reflected with improved usability and kick-ass features for the website.

Things to get excited about:

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