Collecting awards, recognition and prizes – with a touch

There is nothing more satisfying than the recognition we receive from our customers. Their positive feedback gives us confidence that the products and solutions we deliver today add value to their businesses and events.

That being said, Poken has also received a number of awards for innovation over the last 4 years. This recognition is important to us, as the judges in these competitions include industry experts, trendsetters and forward thinkers – all validating our vision of the tools and services that make sense for the future.

2012 has just started and already Poken has been shortlisted in the Global Mobile Awards, presented by the Mobile World Congress, commending excellence, achievement and innovation within the mobile communications industry.

Our touch marketing platform is among the finalists in the Innovation in Mobile Advertising Category, alongside innovations by Google, Orange, CoolIris and others.

This short-listing is a great incentive for our team, encouraging us to continue working on improving our touch marketing  platform to keep creating opportunities for brands, advertisers and publishers to engage their target audiences and improve their campaigns’ responses.

The winners of the Global Mobile Awards 2012 will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on Tuesday 28 February.

Other recent awards we’ve received include:

  • 5th position in the Top 100 Start-Ups in Switzerland
  • Winning the Red Herring 100 Europe
  • Swiss ICT Newcomer Award
  • Best Real World Device at the TechCrunch Europa Award

High four!

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