Corporate Events

From internal meetings to  international conferences, the most powerful drivers of corporate event participation are education and networking. Creating an experience that motivates attendees to develop their professional skills and networks is a proven path to success. 

How it works: A complete event solution

Organizers can utilize the Poken platform to manage singular or multiple corporate events of all shapes and sizes, while creating a space for attendee participation and engagement. Accurate and relevant metrics are what is install, as all interactions, document collections, meeting check-ins and KPI’s are recorded, allowing organizers to gain in depth insight into event and conference performance.

Poken was our biggest event tech win for 2016. It’s an innovative platform of tech tools for event professionals to use to organise and manage their events and create unique, engaging experiences. It allowed our attendees to check-in, network and collect information all in a fun, gamification-style format that our attendees loved. It truly is a complete event engagement experience.

— Marin Bright, CEO & Editorial Director, Smart Meetings

 Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a sucess today.