Digital Q&A and Participant Surveys – JTI Case study

By Sandra Quaglia


Brand Activation reg badges1In seeking to cultivate a company culture with employees at its center, JTI was seeking ways to transmit its new values, primarily that of employee inclusion. In that respect, employees are not only to be appreciated as individuals but also valued as significant contributors, with a stake in every facet of the company.

When planning its new series of employee events, JTI wanted to make employee engagement a theme that went beyond the typical social activities, using technologies to gather participatory feedback.


The concept: Creating a gamified experience where participants are incentivized to collect important company information and respond to surveys to win prizes. This would not only create an interactive and fun event environment, but would also build an atmosphere of value and appreciation reflective of JTI’s company culture.
The solution involved equipping event participants with a digital name-badge upon arrival: an RFID chip embedded within the badge made it possible for each individual to participate in “touch-based” surveys by swiping their badge on special readers all around the event venue. This card became the key to the event. Attendees would use it to participate in activities, then use it to swipe survey responses and give individualized feedback. Some survey questions would be fun and aimed at discovering more about the interests of employees, others more serious and related to gathering important company insights and opinions.


brand activation reg badges2Poken’s digital iBeacon/NFC “Touchpoints” enabled participants to collect digital information also with a simple swipe, adding bonus participation points for those who showed more in depth interest in the learning activities.  In the spirit of the Carnegie Institute of Technology research that has found that 85% of an individual’s success comes from their human and social skills rather than technical knowledge, JTI planned additional activities such as a miniature car track and cricket simulator to provide an element of fun and help employees socialize and build connections.


Post-event, the agency responsible for JTI’s event series was able to pull precise reports from Poken’s cloud-based event management platform, using the wealth of data collected during the events to help form JTI’s future business plan.

The Execution: There were a total of 5 events in the series, totaling thousands of participants. To ease distribution of the digital RFID name-cards, Poken received the list of attendees beforehand. The majority of the badges were branded and printed the day before each show, ready to be picked up by the participants upon the arrival. On-site badge-printing capabilities were also provided, for last-minute sign-ups and changes. Touch-based survey walls were created and spread throughout each venue to make participant involvement natural and easy, avoiding bottlenecks.  Over 60 digital Touchpoints were used as captors, to gather participant feedback.  Thanks to Poken’s light, modular, wireless technology tools, the set up time for each event was  a few hours only.

Conclusion: Poken’s cloud-based event technology platform is a natural fit for events seeking to engage participants and gather precise, individually identifiable feedback.  Using Poken’s Touch-to-Collect and Touch-to-Vote technologies, powered by iBeacon/NFC technology, participants are able to network casually with food or a drink in one hand, and participate in interactive learning activities using their digital name-badge in the other hand. Simple, seamless, and fun.

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