Event Engagement – Not just about the food

Barbara squareWith Event Manager Barbara Van Der Walt

The event landscape is continuously evolving. Gone are the days of luring people with gourmet food and champagne, then captivating them with your message. And thank blog this has changed. Event engagement is no longer optional, if your goal isn’t to get attendees connected to your message and each other from the start, you might as well be hosting a dinner party.

Perhaps the most important aspect of event engagement is giving attendees the opportunity to connect with each other. Organisers work so hard to plan direct communication with attendees that it’s easy to forget that over the course of an event relationships are formed and deals are made.

With that in mind, attendee engagement should be built before, during and after the event, on various platforms. From one-on-one meetings to live presentations, directly or indirectly attendees should be able to use built-in opportunities in multiple ways to connect among participants.

Event enhancers can be used to boost a participant’s involvement by keeping them active for example:

  •          Matchmaking enabling attendees to be matched with other professionals
  •          Real-time interactions enhancing convenience during the event
  •        Email content delivered post-event can keep the interest and engagement alive.

People want to make connections – with you, your company and with other attendees. Make it easy on them and make event engagement a critical part of your game plan.

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