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ocr3Sorry technophiles, the unfortunate truth is that no single piece of technology is able to solve all your event needs.  Be it the newest mobile app or the next (slightly awkward looking) wearable, audiences are too unique and organizers’ goals too specific for a simple fix.

But why would anyone want that when they can have a platform of integrated pieces that are customizable and work together to achieve the results you are after? The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examination board where after a mobile app. What they got was so much more.

The British Education Training and Technology Show (BETT), is the world’s leading technology event within the education industry, attracting corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, as well as the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examination Board (OCR); the largest education awarding body in the UK.

OCR needed a way to separate themselves from the crowd by encouraging networking and creating an engaging atmosphere at their exhibition stand, while also making their lead management more efficient.

ocr2The Poken tool set, along with the Poken Pro App, allowed them to accumulate leads, carry out investigatory surveys, and tag important OCR related content that would be sent automatically to interested customers. It was also a critical objective for OCR to receive the leads, with full contact information and any particular interests and/or queries, daily. Poken’s ability to generate exclusive event statistics during and post-event was a huge draw for OCR.

The enthusiastic OCR staff received training by Poken specialists’ onsite, and quickly mastered the technology. The fun and unique Poken interactions attracted lots of attention, even the snakes at a nearby booth made an appearance! Teachers and education specialists alike were eager to receive vital OCR information, which was collected for them using a feature called “Collect for Attendee” on the Android app: The host simply taps the relevant “information Touchpoint” with the phone, and the document is sent to the visitor.  “Computing” proved to be the most popular Touchpoint, unsurprising for a technology event.

Throughout the four days, the client collected hundreds of leads. As a result, OCR generated many promising business contacts while their customers received important OCR information.  The client was particularly happy with the statistical information drawn from the survey responses, which provided enlightening insight, as well as vital contact details so as to act upon follow-up discussions. Meanwhile, the attendees were equally pleased to receive several exclusive documents regarding qualifications and teaching assessment.
ocr1It was a privilege for Poken to cater to this client with the Poken Pro Android App, and Poken Touchpoints.  BETT 2015, can be checked off as another successful Poken event.


Molly Tarrant

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