Gamification is all about creating a richer event experience. By aligning event objectives with incentivized challenges, not only will visitors have more fun, but they will have a much more rewarding time.

How We Do It:  The Game Engine

Any event, big or small, can easily incorporate our built-in gaming engine to drive visitor behavior. Big-screen live feeds add drama and color to your event. Display leaderboards can show the best networker, the most visited booths, popular conference sessions or other data that enriches the event for visitors.

Any kind of interactive experience can be created using our published API (programing interface) methods. Or let us assist you by developing a custom big-screen experience tailor made for your event’s needs.

If you are concerned that some people may be left out of your incentivization & gamification strategy, just because they “have the wrong phone” or are low on battery, don’t worry. Poken’s approach to gamification is INCLUSIVE, allowing you to include everyone who wants to be involved in an event that helps them build more connections, collect more relevant material from sessions and exhibitiors, and overall, have a great time. Poken’s gamification engine is configurable, so with a little consultation we guarantee we can increase the fun and engagement at your event, and drive attendee behaviors to meet your objectives.


  • Drive visitor behavior to match your objectives
  • Create a fun and dynamic atmosphere, giving you an edge in the event space
  • Encourage networking and promote digital data collection

Case Study:  Exponext

Exponext wanted to drive visitors to perform certain actions, ensuring a more successful event.

  • Visitors could unlock different levels of prizes for:
  • Engaging with at least 5 exhibitors
  • Checking-in to at least 8 sessions
  • Answering all the survey questions on the Survey Wall
  • Collecting digital documents from at least 20 tags

Results were exceptional, and Poken will look to be involved in the upcoming Exponext event!