Hey meetings and conferences, it’s time to get REAL

molly grey scaleChecking in to conference sessions and meetings can be stressful. Has my participation been successfully monitored? Do I know who attended my meeting? How can I measure if my conference was a success? All of these are important considerations for attendees and event organisers alike. The good news is that
technology has evolved to a place where meetings and conferences can be monitored in real time. But why is this so important? Because events are very much alive. Being in real time allows organizers and attendees to engage, and to make the most of their time on the show floor.

As a result of advancements in technology, communications before, during and after an event are more relevant and lead to more engaging experiences. Digital technology can give participants a heads up, notifying them that their meeting or session is about to commence. They can receive reminders via email or SMS with the time and location, and in the off chance that they have missed something, they will be informed of that as well.

Event organisers can utilize tools to monitor participation, which ensures that attendance levels remain high-vital for ensuring successful meetings. Organizers can be dynamic in meeting organization by scheduling open meeting opportunities if they arise, Let’s not forget the innovative solutions in lead generation provided by meeting and conference tracking in Real time also. Through checking-in contact details are recorded, thus providing organisers and exhibitors with a neat and tidy list of leads.

So there it is, meeting tracking is a great technological improvement which everyone in this industry should know about!

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