International Liver Congress: What the doctors prescribe for a great event

ILC 1For the second consecutive year, Poken catered to the International Liver Congress (ILC), as more than 10 000 international doctors and industry professionals gathered at the ExCel Center in London. Their objective: to network, and to discover the latest trends in their industry by attending talks and visiting the exhibit floor. Poken was there to facilitate the networking and digital document exchange, a core service aimed at helping everyone get the most out of their investment.

Some key metrics:

– More than 9000 professionals were equipped with a Poken Spark, their key to taking part in the digital exchanges.

– More than 300 Touchpoints were used throughout the exhibit floor and common areas, each loaded with digital documents that could be of interest to the visitors.

– Around 75 exhibitors were present

– Poken deployed a media cube as a new way to educate visitors, gather feedback through surveys, and display a live leader board.  The media cube, equipped with 38 Touchpoints, commanded a lot of interest as more than 1200 “touch” were registered for some of them. It allows us to lead a survey about the visitors to know more about them and their expectations.

Fast registration at this event was made possible through close collaboration with Congrex, the registration & badge provider; Self-check-in kiosks were deployed for participants to scan their welcome email and immediately be issued with a printed badge, coupons, and their poken.


ILC 2Allison (Exhibitor support and all round star)

„There were about 75 exhibitors using Poken Touchpoints and our lead generation App. One exhibitor booth that really made an impression was Dr. Falk Pharma.  Before knowing that I was actually a part of the Poken team,  someone at Dr Falk approached me and started giving me advice on how to maximize my event experience. The thing they prescribed…Poken.  This exhibitor really made the most out of their Touchpoints by placing them all over the exterior of their booth, and highlighting them with wonderful orange signage. Visitors were very engaged and loved collecting all their brochures digitally.  Dr. Falk was definitely getting a good portion of the Poken action.”



ILC media cubeNina (Miss Media Cube)

“The ILC was my first event with Poken and I was definitely thrown into the deep end. But I must say, what a great dip. It was actually a lot of firsts: My first time on an airplane, (thrill guaranteed with take-off and landing), my first time working in such a large congress centre, and also my first time managing so many people: more than 10 000 visitors. By the time everything had sunk in, it was already over. It really was an adrenaline rush.

It was also the first event we deployed a “media cube”. Being in charge of this was a great challenge because I knew EASL was such an important client for Poken. I had a few cold sweats getting material through customs, But my “baby” (as we called it), arrived in time. In just half an hour the media wall was up and running. And the best thing, when the event was over it could all be recycled. That’s the magic of Poken, we are always thinking about sustainability “.


Sandra (Registration extraordinaire)

“Even though ILC was several weeks ago, the memories are still fresh. This event took a lot of time and effort but also gave us laughs and good memories (even when we had to attach 9000 Poken Sparks to lanyards- one by one).

I was in charge of distribution and registration, and it’s always fun to see the visitors’ faces when they receive their poken.. At first they don’t always understand what it is. I think they just don’t believe that it is possible, but after a short explanation and seeing the green light glow, it’s like giving a chocolate to a child. I never get tired of seeing that!”


And how could we forget the winner of the Touch and Glow challenge?

Dominic was the lucky winner of our Touch and Glow challenge, taking home not just a heap of new contacts and digital information he collected on site, but also a brand new Swatch (made in Switzerland, of course). Thank you so much Dominic!  We hope you are enjoying your new time-piece and we look forward to seeing you at the next event. ILC comp winner

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