Introducing pokenEVENT – the Ultimate Solution for Events and Promotions

Lift Social Business Card

Big news folks! Today we are introducing our first service offering, called pokenEVENT!

A pokenEVENT is a customizable event package that includes a mix of physical devices (pokens), a branded social business card, a branded networking platform (the Poken Member Hub), full post-event analytics, and more.

We built pokenEVENT specifically for event organizers, and the equation is simple: Poken improves networking at the events and helps them stand out in a crowded event space. Improved networking = greater customer satisfaction. The result: Increased repeat attendance, stronger word of mouth, and an additional compelling sponsorship opportunity!

Custom BMW Poken

The concept isn’t entirely new, Poken has been helping customers from around the world host powerful networking events. Companies such as BMW, IBM, Samsung and Tempo Music; as well as conference organizers like the Omniture Summit, Lift Conference, and Swiss ICT Awards. Each of these customers has managed to bring something unique to their events by incorporating pokens, and pokenEVENT, into their offering.

In addition to the pokenEVENT launch, we have also introduced a new Solutions section on our website.  Here you can find more info on pokenEVENT, customers, data sheets, and much more.

Check out for details.

If you would like to “pokenize” your next event, you can contact us directly through our Events team at  We can also refer you to one of our resellers in your country who are equipped to provide you with direct hands-on support.  We are already running pokenEVENTs in the USA, Germany, Japan, Holland, South Africa and other points around the globe.

More information on pokenEVENT to follow.  Check out the website and please send us feedback!

Thanks again to all of our resellers, and customers who have helped develop this great new service.  We could not have done it without you!

Customized Member Hub - Lift Conf

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