Knowledge Tracking at Sales Training Events

Every Sales Manager will tell you that knowledge is power and that product knowledge is paramount to making a sale. One of the greatest challenges faced by retail and consumer companies is empowering there staff with the most up to date product knowledge and training.

The combination of touch communication, digital content sharing and continuous support via an online web portal has made Poken the ideal event platform with which to run Sales Training Events.

From 21st to 25th of October, one of the leading global department store chains faced the challenge of training their sales people in preparation for the busy and lucrative Christmas season.


Quick Event Stats

  • 4 days, divided into two two-day training events
  • A total of more than 1000 sales representatives
  • 45 exhibitors from world leading brands such as GoPro, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Babyliss, and Whirlpool, to name just a few.


Using Poken to Boost Learning
8Each sales person was equipped with a Poken device, which they used to collect product information and put their knowledge to the test:  After each set of training sessions, the participants walked the exhibition floor and were required to “touch” the right answer on a series of quiz questions relating to each product.

Every quiz placard had several possible answers, with only one correct.  This allowed the participants to be challenged on product specifications or general brand knowledge, and for the Retailer to track the level of learning of each person.

Exhibitors accessed an online tool provided by Poken, to upload content to their touchpoints, and provide their quiz questions & answers. This same portal is where they review learning statistics, allowing them to tailor their further communication with retail sales staff.


The Result

4Over the course of four days, more than 500 touchpoints were deployed, and the 1000 Sales People to make over 68 000 interactions. The client feedback was extremely positive, with attendees and exhibitors commenting on how “amazing”, “practical” and “fun” the experience had been.

Post-event, both sales people and exhibitors have access to a fully branded web portal where the knowledge sharing continues.

As for the client, one of the world-leading global retailers, they have access to clear and simple metrics about the learning capacity of their staff.  Comparing the Christmas-period sales results with the sales training statistics will be an interesting exercise!





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