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In September of 2015, hundreds of business professionals came together to do business, convened as part of the CONNECTA event, by the  Convention Bureau of Catalunya, Spain. The objective: Make business transactions happen.

Catalunya, the wealthiest state in Spain, is home of one of the world’s most visited cities: Barcelona.  Rich with cultural heritage sites, great food, and fantastic venues to host events, Barcelona attracts thousands of business events from around the world every year.

The Convention Bureau of Catalunya, or CCB, plays an active part in helping Program Managers find the services they need, to host great events.   As most Convention Bureaus around the world, the CCB organises business networking events that match buyers and sellers.  Local venues, agencies, and technical service providers get to meet and engage with corporate event planners, tour operators, and big money decision-maker.

How does the Convention Bureau ensure continued financial growth and success for its constituents? It runs its business match-making events, such as CONNECTA, like a tight ship, using the best tools at its disposal to make real business happen.

Enter Poken:  The CCB has implemented Poken’ world-leading business match-making, meeting scheduling, and meeting tracking tool, to help ensure every participant gets the most out of their event.

After registering online to be part of CONNECTA, each participant filled in a short survey to define their business objectives.  A few simple questions with multiple-choice answers fed Poken’s Bussiness Match-Making engine, allowing it to produce Weighted Probability Scoring for potential meetings that would help each individual find the best possible matches, thus optimising their one-to-one meeting schedule.

connecta 2Ten days before the event, online match-making and meeting scheduling would open:  After receiving an email showing them a few suggested meetings, participants could access their own personal meeting scheduling dashboard, a web interface rich with features that help find, qualify, and schedule business meetings.  In order to avoid scheduling meetings at times when they wanted to attend education or information sessions, participants could first build their event agenda by enrolling into sessions, blocking out those times in their individual calendar.

The result: A full schedule of relevant, back-to-back meetings for each participant, interspersed with their favourite sessions.  Both buyers and sellers received their event ticket by email, along with their personal schedule to print.   A fully customised event mobile app provided by Poken could also be downloaded and used by participants to view their schedule, take notes about meetings, search the general agenda or access the exhibitor list.

During the event, meetings were held on track by using Poken’s Meeting Tracking features: In addition to swapping digital business-cards conveniently using poken’s interactive USB stick, meeting attendees would check-in at their meeting pods, touching their stick to a digital Touchpoint.  The Touch-and-glow feature is a simple incentive that helps keep everyone focused on being efficient, and heading to their next meeting on time. The check-in transfers relevant exhibitor marketing documents to the buyer, and gives rewards.
connecta 4Regularly, the event guests could tap to sync their poken at a Tablet Kiosk, saving all their check-ins, documents, and precious business cards into their account, and updating their schedule & status in their mobile app.  A big-screen leaderboard showed everyone who was staying most on-track with their networking & meeting objectives.

How did using Poken’s 360 degree event tools help the Convention Bureau achieve its objectives? By ensuring every participant got timely, relevant, and useful information during their event planning phase, helping them fill their agendas with valuable business meetings, which they could conduct on-site with the assistance of technology tools keeping everyone on the beat.   Post-event, participants got their meeting recaps by email, with an easy-to-use link taking them into their CONNECTA event portal. One month later, the event lives on, as buyers and sellers continue to log in, to follow up on the business initiated during the event.


Watch the video Case Study here



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