Opening up the Poken Platform

I gave a talk at Rotterdam University last Thursday entitled “Opening up the Poken Platform” (twitter hash tag #pm010

After a great introduction from Jilles, our dutch affiliate, I talked for half an hour about:

* for 2008 poken was an R&D business, the first half of 2009 it was a bit crazy as we suddenly sold hundreds of thousands of pokens and started to put a proper business in place ready for the second half of 2009
* We are about to launch:

1) a hardware range including the conference poken and business poken
2) a new web site and web infrastructure based on APIs
3) a real-time product called the poken hub

The talk also included a long section about how when we open up the site via APIs we need to protect our users data with the right privacy and security (I’ll expand on this in a separate post)

Further info:

A page specifically for this meetup

video (2 minutes long) introducing the poken hub

video (3 minutes long) of the live demostration of the poken hub

A video interview done with marketing news straight after the presentation (Note – Patrick Petersen asked me to keep my answers short so I felt really stressed! )

5 comments on “Opening up the Poken Platform

  • lf

    […] Opening up the Poken Platform « Do You Poken? (tags: Dogear-Nation poken conference2.0) About Kevin Aires […]

  • Maxon says:

    for sure you need localization of the the service in different languages to make Poken worldwide phenomena. Better do it crowd sourced.

  • MM

    Will be keenly interested in the forthcoming privacy/security discussion. When setting up my Poken, I found it a little unsettling to have to provide my twitter password to validate that the Twitter account was indeed mine… I went in and changed my Twitter password after the fact, but thinking about the APIs that Facebook (you used this one) and Twitter, among others provide for such validation, I thought you should know that I stopped adding my networks because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of changing my passwords on all those systems because I had to enter my passwords on the Poken website just to associate them. Interesting thought — you may want to consider partnering with the people over at Rapleaf ( and the api they’ve built for an automated pre-population of the social networks to be selectively associated with the Poken.

    Congrats on your award — we, over at Dogear Nation are fans and are looking forward to seeing more opportunities to ‘high 4’ with others as Poken become more pervasive!

  • Andy Piper says:

    This is really interesting. We’ve discussed Poken many times on the Dogear Nation podcast and I think things like conference Poken are a great move. Looking forward to playing with the Hub app and seeing what other ideas you have! It would be great if the community felt a bit more open, i.e. you had a mailing list or forum for interested early adopters to get more involved in co-creating the platform.

  • C
    Charleigh says:

    OASUYN That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!


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