Our favorite exhibitor stands at INDABA 2014

Indaba tablet kioskWith Zulu drum beats still fresh in our ears, we asked  some of the Poken crew to talk about their favorite exhibitor stands at INDABA, and what made them special.


Indaba was the biggest event I have ever been to and although I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see all the exhibitor stands, it did make choosing just one a little easier.

It was some shiny goldfish that caught my eye and got me chatting to the exhibitors at `SANBI`. The first thing I said to them was “They`re so pretty. Are you giving them away?” already imagining what I would name them. To my surprise they answered yes. At the end of the event they were going to give my new little swimming friends away…but who was I kidding? How could I take 4 gold fish on a 16 hour journey? With a broken heart I told him I couldn’t take them, but I would try to find someone who could give them a new home. “No worries” he replied. “We will just have sushi on Tuesday”.



nina poken_lesotho hat_ blogIf I had to choose just one, it would be stand for the `Kingdom of Lesotho`. They were really great. I got to know the people at the stand when I chatted with them about their Touch point and Connector. The entire time I could see how passionate they were about their country.  They really loved sharing their culture with me; they even gave me a traditional Lesotho hat. It was a little bulky in my hand luggage but now I see it every day and I love it. I can’t wait until next year so I can come back and wear my hat in the kingdom of Lesotho.





Indaba was my first event and I was really overwhelmed by just how impressive all the stands were. I have to say though, it wasn’t the size of the exhibit or the magnificent decorations, but a motorbike that did it for me. A military Royal Enfield parked in front of a safari truck with green canvas canopies, all under the brilliant African sun. Leaning against the engine was a similarly colored sign with hand painted font.

`Enfield Tours. Coming soon`.

I was ready to sign up straight away. Just imagine tearing across the savannah on the back of this classic motorcycle, red dust rising from the wheels and herds of zebra and antelope running alongside…It could happen. Something really spoke to me and bringing the bike to the event was an excellent way to really emphasize this experience. One day…


royal enfield

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