"Planet of the Apes" à la Poken ? (Poken maps widget launched!)

The latest feature of pokenHUB is our maps widget – a mashup of Google Maps and our new Open Social widget platform.   So now  Poken not only displays the contact details and address that your fellow Pokenites share, but it also shows you where your friends are located – view your Poken network geographically !  It’s fun, check it out.  Zoom in, zoom out, click to find out more… you get the idea.

Want to expand your network ?  Find a pokenEVENT, currently represented by a purple pyramid… what ?  (There’s a story, but we’re going to keep up the suspense on this one just a little longer… )  In the meantime,  know that at these events you will find fellow Pokenites with whom to build your network and get to know your community.

Still wondering how Planet of the Apes fits in?  Simple, your friends’ locations are represented by our beloved blue gorilla.   It’s genius, hehe.  We are, however, planning to eventually show other poken types as well, so hang tight if you want to see your geisha or ninja on the map.

For more info (all brilliant ideas welcome!) about building 3rd party widgets using Poken’s Open Social platform and API, developers should contact our development team at api@poken.com.

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