Poken creates engagement at the Global Entrepreneurial Summit 2016

ges8President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk walk into a room. No this is not the set up for a bad joke, but rather just some of the prominent attendees at the Global Entrepreneurial Summit 2016. Held at Stanford University, California, over 1,600 individuals were selected to share their insights, expertise, and ideas on entrepreneurship on the International stage.


The US State Department needed an event platform that would engage the audience in the event’s vision; to promote the sharing of ideas and insights amongst some of the world’s most influential people in the field of entrepreneurship, to facilitate networking between attendees, and encourage people to collect information. They also wanted to promote business opportunities for their exhibitors, to understand their audience through rich metrics, and minimize the environmental footprint of this world leading event.


ges1In order to engage the audience before and during the event, a customized online event portal served to build anticipation, as attendees logged in and viewed the GES 2016 live Twitter feed, social media links, and informational videos. It also allowed each individual to build their own profile, provide a full biography and add personal links to their social media that would be shared with the contacts they made at the event. Post-event, it encouraged follow-up, as each person’s contacts were displayed, as well as the digital materials they had collected.


To encourage the attendees to exchange their ideas and network with each other, an interactive USB stick (or “poken”) was given to each participant; it would act as their digital business card and digital briefcase. This facilitated an exchange of contact information with other attendees (just “High Four!), and the collection of digital information held on interactive stickers within the venue.   These digital stickers placed at exhibitor booths or information points around the summit could transmit their digital content instantly, when touched with a poken. Using the Touchpoints, the exhibitors were not only able to distribute their digital information, but have an insight into their audience: How many people visited their booth, who these people were, and how to contact them, all without wasting paper and in a fun and engaging manner.


ges 11To keep the conversation flowing online as well as on-site, Poken provided the event’s customized mobile app, with a live-insight feature that allowed participants to interact with each other. It also gave them real-time announcements and updates, an interactive Summit map, a detailed event agenda, and finally a promo code for discounted Uber rides.


From the get-go, attendees and exhibitors were all excited to exchange and engage, with the Poken platform and its different features.

  • Each attendee made an average of 12 new contacts using their poken interactive USB.
  • 3,419 digital files and links were collected from Touchpoints.
  • 1,614 individuals downloaded the mobile event app
  • 15 trees were saved.


Check out the Whitepaper on Igniting Conversations and Boosting Networking. Or click here to get started on making your event a success today. 


As for attendee satisfaction, check out just some of the responses from social media:




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