Poken Fashionista Contest Results

The Perfect Poken Accessory

For those of you just visiting or slightly out of the loop, we’ve been running a Poken Fashionista contest through our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. While our fan based turned out to be bit shy, a few brave souls took a shot at coordinateing stellar outfits with their favorite poken.

We’ll be sending the winners (below) their choice of any one of our limited edition pokenSPARKs in the East London Collection and a choice of any one of the limited edition pokenPULSEs in the UrbanPop by GabyGaby Collection.

So give it up to Warren Corpus and his amazingly cool Warren G get-up. He and his Lil’ G poken are ‘da hip duo’!!! Shelly A. Good-Cook – looking absolutely fab and gorgeous in her black & white outfit, topped with the ultimate fox poken accessory. And last, but certainly not least, the stunning Vanessa Dodd Swanepoel sports her ELC poken, Miki, with extra cool finesse – love it.

Thanks to all who participated ! Warren, Shelly, and Vanessa, please send your address and your pulse and spark preference to info@poken.com.

Have a great weekend everyone !


The Pokenaut Lovers of Style

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