Poken finds itself in all sorts of places…

tasmania pokenPoken has a global reputation for enhancing events and conferences, especially in the fields of Travel, IT, Finance and Medicine.  In Australia we have just
integrated Poken into our third agricultural related event.  The latest being the second time around for the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.

Tasmania is the small island that sits off the Southern tip of Australia, (next stop Antarctica). This island state is quite different to mainland Australia, as it has a cooler climate with very unique flora and fauna; including the carnivorous marsupial- the Tasmanian Devil. While not quite the spinning, growling menace featured in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, Tasmanian Devils do in fact make a growling noise and are occasionally spotted in the wild scurrying along tracks and roads.

Agriculture is a key industry to Tasmania and every year farmers and graziers travel from all over the island to convene for the TFGA Conference, AGM and Dinner.  Delegates are made up of a broad range of individuals including university graduates right through to Octogenarians. The speakers list is just as diverse, featuring Consumer Psychologists, Creatives, Economists and Scientists. And the Exhibitor list can be anything from Agricultural suppliers to Banks and Government Bodies.

So how does Poken work with such a diverse group you ask?

The answer is beautifully.  Those with less technical backgrounds enjoy the convenience and embrace the “Poken handshake”; happily moving around the event and collecting information. While the more tech-savvy complete their online profiles before arriving and engage with the wealth of information supplied by the TFGA via the Poken Hub.

Being the second time around for most exhibitors, they understood the marketing opportunities and hastily supplied all the information as the event drew nearer.  Unlike other events, there was no need to print and lug heaps brochures and magazines, as it could all be included on their Poken touch points.

Post event, when everyone returns to their local communities, they carry with them the numerous seeds of opportunity gathered with their poken.  Those seeds can be cultivated and nurtured over time as they continue to build their relationships online and explore all prospects.

From little things, big things grow….


The Poken Australia Team

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