Poken Italian Style – the Angel and Devil Touch

Italy is known for many things, a rich history, fantastic food, vibrant nightlife, and an incredible sense of style.  Therefore it is only in Italy that you might find a truly authentic melding of high fashion and high technology.

The Poken Reseller in Italy is E-Motion.  And they have combined forces with one of the most popular fashion companies in Italy, called Angel and Devil, to create a unique Poken creation called the “Angel and Devil Touch”.  The concept is one that frankly didn’t seem possible a few months ago, but it has launched recently to much fanfare.

Picture this: if you are young and hip, and you want to Social Network with your friends at the latest trendy nightclub, how would you do it?  Well if you reading this blog, you would certainly guess correctly that you would use your poken to do it, but where to carry the device?  Angel and Devil has come up with the concept of incorporating your poken directly into a special pocket … ON your jeans!!  Yes that’s right, now you can wear your
poken on the outside!  So rather than a High Four, its now a Hip Four!?

Seeing is believing.  We can share with you the official website, and a video on YouTube that ran recently online on “Italia 1” and “Canale 5” the most important commercial Italian channels with a high frequency of viewers in the evening, prime and second time.

Here’s the website:  www.angeldeviltouch.com/

And here’s the link to the video:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrp0MxcHfSg

Note:  Yes they are both in Italian, but trust us this experience is purely visual!

If you like the concept, let us know!  If you want some, tell us that as well, and we’ll let you know where you can get a pair of the original Angel and Devil Touch jeans.  Be forewarned, they are extremely cool, and Angel and Devil jeans will cost you a bit more than a pair of Levi’s 501s that’s for certain!

Enjoy!  High, er Hip Four!

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