Poken launches new touch-based NFC products suite

Poken is announcing today the launch of a new generation of touch-based products and solutions.

The company is evolving from a “social business card” into an end-to-end NFC-compliant platform that enables users to collect digital information offline, and share it in the most simple and effective way.  The release includes significant updates for the pokenSPARK and pokenPULSE, introduction of an all new pokenTAG, and the official launch of pokenMOBILE.

With free downloadable mobile apps and 1 million devices sold to date, Poken is used for events and loyalty programs to enhance social networking and provide efficient lead generation. Poken is now introducing new NFC-compliant versions of the ever-popular pokenSPARK and the sleek pokenPULSE. These new designs feature improved capabilities and enable anyone to collect “people, places and things” with a touch.

The new NFC design enables users to collect digital files by touching an NFC-compliant pokenTAG or NFC-equipped mobile phone.

To read more about this announcement, please check out our press center !


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