Poken made an impact at WIMA and APPNATION !

Poken has recently participated in two major conferences: WIMA, in Monaco, and APPNATION, in San Francisco. We demoed our new exciting products and announced the upcoming launch of the new Poken website.

Appnation - San-Francisco

APPNATION is a global conference focused on the consumer applications marketplace. The event covers social and mobile apps for all devices and platforms, including social media, smartphones, tablets etc. We showcased our new NFC enabled pokenPULSE, the Poken App and pokenTAGS. Watch the demo on the video !

Poken also made a great impact at WIMA, the leading global Conference & Exhibition exclusively dedicated to NFC technology. Our team created real life scenarios to demonstrate the capabilities of the pokenTAGS and the Poken App on phones that have NFC technology built-in.

WIMA 2011 - Monaco

This enabled our booth visitors to collect of our team’s social business cards, information about the best restaurants in town and details about the famous Monaco Grand Prix. Check it out!

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