Poken UK SPARKS partnership with ExCel London

poken uk escel centre people in a linePoken UK is working in conjunction with the International exhibition and convention centre ExCeL London to deliver a digital networking and touch to collect content sharing offering to live events at its venue. Poken UK have equipped the venue with its patented Near Field Communication (NFC) devices, enabling event visitors to meet, connect and collect documents digitally- reducing the need for printed collateral. Visitors to the venue will see Poken technology installed around the halls and all future tenancies at ExCeL London will be given the opportunity to enhance their events with the technology.

Paul Davies, Director of Poken UK, says: “We are excited to be working with ExCeL London to offer this unique proposition to event organisers. Poken adds to the face-to-face experience by igniting conversations, making networking simple and fun and creating an engaging experience for people to connect and share rich content at events.”

James Mark, Executive Director of ExCeL London, says: “At ExCeL London, home of world leading technology events, we are committed to bringing new technology and a better experience to all of our organisers, exhibitors and visitors. Working with Poken was an easy decision for us because of how simple and engaging it is to network with the device. Also, the fact that we can reduce the overuse of paper is a win for all involved; Poken allows everyone to reduce their carbon footprint while still receiving the important required information. We are thrilled to be welcoming Poken to ExCeL London.”

poken uk excel centreStéphane Doutriaux, Founder and CEO of Poken, adds: “The trend towards greening events has increased interest in our technology, as the simplest way to have an immediate, visible impact on reducing waste.”

Poken has catered to over 1,500 events worldwide in the past two years, including multiple events at ExCeL London.  Last month the International Liver Congress saved over 110,000 documents from being printed as doctors collected collateral digitally, from exhibitors and from the conference stream.

Poken UK will be helping to reduce waste at ExCeL London, by equipping them to deploy further green events. 

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    Poken UK SPARKS partnership with ExCel London | The Official Poken Blog

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