Poken wins five-year contract with Artexis Easyfairs

Poken, the 360º event platform, has signed a five-year agreement with Artexis Easyfairs, the Brussels based events company, to provide its digital content delivery and lead generation technology to exhibitors.
Artexis Easyfairs organises more than 200 events across 19 countries. The agreement follows the successful deployment of Poken at its Futurizz event in Madrid, which delivered exhibitor and visitor engagement levels four times above the industry average.


Poken will be integrated into Artexis Easyfair’s registration system so that event visitors can swipe a smart badge at booths to collect exhibitors’ digital marketing material. This digital handshake between exhibitors and visitors will enable more effective post-event follow-up and generate measurable business returns, as well as help exhibitors to ‘go green’ by eliminating paper waste.

Anne Lafère, Group Chief Operating Officer at Artexis Easyfairs says: “Exhibitor ROI is a key priority for trade show organisers, so measuring traffic and interactions between buyers and exhibitors is integral to our business objectives. Poken will allow us to track buyers’ interests more easily, via a user-friendly technology that is scalable, future proofed and affordable.”


Stephane Doutriaux, Poken’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, says: “Poken’s mission is to create additional value for exhibition organisers through the use of advanced technology. We have proven to Artexis Easyfairs that our technology delivers a behavioural shift among participants by driving enhanced engagement, improved awareness and increased networking. We look forward to continuing to innovate through a collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with Artexis Easyfairs.”


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