Poken wins Swiss ICT "Newcomer" Award

Poken has won the Swiss ICT “Newcomer” Award for 2009!

The Swiss internet and tech community is a lot like like Switzerland itself: small, diverse, intense and filled with global talents in all fields. So, it feels pretty darn good to be recognized in this growing economy and industry sector- according to the NY times, Switzerland has now passed the US as the most competitive business environment on earth. We’ll let you agree, ponder, or debate that face with the fine folks over in new york, but in the meantime, we’re gonna bask in the glow of this one a little bit.

A bunch of Pokenauts accompanied Stéphane to the ceremony in Lucerne, which had an interesting and diverse base of tech companies with some obviously smart and capable talent. The night started off pretty well as the newcomer award came first and it was quite an honor to be recognized in that crowd.

After a few more awards going to some companies that have been around the block a few (dozen) more times, some really kickin’ cello players and the best ceremony dinner this Pokenaut has had to date, we got to the fun stuff: pokening.

Congrats to our friends over at Amazee for winning the “Public” award for most votes on the web!

The key note speaker was Maurizio Cheli, an Italian test pilot and astronaut (he went to space with nasa on a columbia scientific mission). he was really interesting and we related to his passion and care and excitement (and clear love of parmigiano reggiano- the good stuff he brought with him on the mission) and: he loved his Poken! We specifically selected a richard the martian (green, three-eyed alien for the more visual-oriented out there) and showed him how to get going. He couldn’t believe how easy it was and we think he got an extra kick out of the style that seemed to suit him to a t.

He got to chatting with Stephane- could poken be the new (literal) extra-terrestrial greeting at the international space station? We dare to dream, Pokenites, as did maurizio and the founders of all the companies attending this award.

Thanks for the support, friends, and we hope to see you out there, beyond the biosphere.

Check out our press center for more on the awards and Swiss ICT…

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