Prepare your business for the NFC revolution.

NFC is a growing component of mobile marketing and lead generation. The technology creates innovative possibilities for advertisers and brands to engage their customers in new and exciting ways. But very few industry professionals understand what NFC really is and how the technology can be implemented.

The NFC Bootcamp is a hands-on NFC training designed to help retailers, brands and marketing agencies gain insight into the marketing capabilities of NFC, expand reach of campaigns, and drive sales. Being offered regularly in different cities around the globe, the course has brought together many of the leading technology businesses involved in the creation of the NFC ecosystem.

Touch-Marketing Kit

Those who sign up for the Atlanta, London or New York sessions will have the opportunity to meet Stephane Doutriaux, Poken’s founder. During the boot camp, you will be trained to create a touch-marketing campaign using our Partner Tools.

You will also be given the opportunity to pass our Poken Apprentice certification, walking away with a complete touch-marketing kit, which includes tags, pokens, smart posters, and free access to our Partner Hub.

If you are interested in joining the NFC Bootcamp, which includes a full half-day of hands-on touch marketing campaign creation using the Poken platform, refer to


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