SCHOOL OF WOM 2011 – a social networking masterpiece !

Turns out that people not only like to talk but also to Poken. These two social activities combined transform a regular event into a social networking masterpiece! This happened recently during the last School of WOM Event held in Chicago where mainstay companies such as Pemco Insurance, GAP, and Intuit gathered to reveal and discuss the importance of the “word of mouth” strategy.

Kelly (WOMMA) and Denny (Poken US)

The event was organized by WOMMA a nonprofit organization that advances and advocates the discipline of the credible word of mouth marketing.  WOMMA is a community of marketers that meet and strategize on best practices as it relates to customers talking online and offline about various brands.

The recent School of WOM Event was a smashing success, enhanced big time by Poken. Yep, once again Poken was the key tool that generated a word of mouth buzz. Poken was sponsored by Nology Media who is a content publishing, measurement and marketing agency that uses social media tools and platforms to intimately connect brands with their audiences.

All of the 300 attendees were armed with a Poken and the room started glowing green. They absolutely loved it!  The results of Pokening were impressive: 83% used their Poken to network with new colleagues resulting in a nearly 3’000 Poken connections.

WOMMA is acknowledged as the premier non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and advocating the discipline of credible word of mouth marketing. Based on the success of this first PokenEVENT with WOMMA, we hope to participate in many of their upcoming events!

Hi-Four from Chicago!

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