Sex Up Your Poken Card

Creativity + Poken = Awesome!

Some of you have been posting your custom poken cards online.  This is COOL!

My  favourite collection right now is called Festival Kids by a bunch of Japanese cool kids. They’ve created an entire series of classic, degital, analog, photo, and minimal designs to download. Yay!

The festival kids even created a Photo ID maker so you can easily add your photo to one of their amazing cards. Here is a taster…

poken card + social networking icons
poken card + social networking icons

Some more templates….

youve been tangoed
you've been tangoed
im a dreamer
i'm a dreamer
pacman party
pacman party

Create Your Own

Feel inspired? A certain Mr. @tekong helpfully uploaded a Poken design template to his website. High-four to you, sir.

Share the Love is a German community site that emulates Threadless (well, kinda). You can upload your own designs and vote on favourites. It even includes an explanation of how to change your card (in German but pretty visual). Nice work Mission Poken.

bubble card

Bubble trouble

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